Are you left handed or right handed?

Are you left handed or right handed? Topic: Lol cool writing paper
July 16, 2019 / By Emeline
Question: i myself am left handed lol back in 1st grade we use to color and cut out things. so everytime i would cut something out it would come out all crooked and retarted. so the teacher thought i was like dumb or something and she told my parents lol.. so one day we were cutting stuff again and my teacher finally realized i was cutting things all weird cuz THEY ONLY HAD RIGHT HANDED SCISSORS! so like a week later we got left handed ones and my cuttings came out normal :) o and yea it sucks writing on a piece of paper becuz the paper always sticks to my left arm ahh man stupid paperr lol nasadreamer ahaha o man i feel ur pain tha happened to me too way backk!!
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Christine Christine | 1 day ago
Right handed with a master left eye. Have to do certain things left handed. What you say is true. It's a right handed world and hard for lefties especially when you're just a kid and the teacher is trying to make you write right handed, etc. Good question with your follow up.
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Aveline Aveline
I'm a lefty! You got lucky. When I went to school ,(way back then), the teachers in my school would not accept left handedness and insisted I write righty. That was mostly because we used "nib pens". Ball point pens were not around then. We had ink wells in our desks to put ink on the nib type pens. When you tried to write normally with those pens, they would dig into the paper and bend. So, lefties like myself had to twist our wrists around so we could drag the tips and write. But, because the teachers insited that I write righty, I lost all of my script writting ability, and still have to print anything I need to write. No, I'm not 200 years old!
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Abia Abia
Left handed. My aunt used to make me cut pictures out of magazines to practice cutting. And I never could use those left-handed scissors.
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Stevie Stevie
I'm right handed. In elementary school me and my friend practiced every day with our left hands and wrote the alphabet over and over because we wanted to be ambidextrous lol but it didn't work out
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Paise Paise
Im a lefty. And proud of it. Today when i went for my permit i had to sign that stupid touch screen thingy any my hand kept banging the screen. Ahhhh the poor leftys of the world.
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