What do 11 yr old boys like to do and what do they like to get for their birthday?

What do 11 yr old boys like to do and what do they like to get for their birthday? Topic: Play ideas for kids homework
July 20, 2019 / By Em
Question: Wicked. My girls are grown and I have an excellent relationship with them. The boys are coming for a visit and I'm trying to do something nice for them as a surprise.
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Best Answers: What do 11 yr old boys like to do and what do they like to get for their birthday?

Christie Christie | 8 days ago
i'm 13, so i'll only have to go back a couple years... i liked to ride my dirtbike, watch TV, play computer games, play sports, and talk with friends i really wanted a cell phone, a new gaming system (now, it'd either be the PS3 or the Xbox 360, ask him which one he wants before you buy it, there's a real rivalry going on in the gaming industry between the two), and i also wanted a TV for my room. i wouldn't suggest this, but it's an option. a rather expensive option would be an iPod or MP3 player. may i suggest this: kids these days have a tendency to lean towards the iPod or Zune. other MP3 players not as much. also, the new iPod video is the most popular amongst us. I have the iPod video, however, and it suits me fine. if you are going to buy a video iPod (be it the new iPod nano or the iPod video,) make it at least 40 Gigabytes (GBs.) some cheaper things you can get him would be: a skateboard (get him a real one from a real skate shop, there's a real difference between a walmart board and a real board), or a BB gun, or even a few video games (make sure they are for his gaming system, whichever one you have or choose). I hope this helps! --Edit-- If you're leaning towards a handheld device, lean towards Playstation's PSP than the Nintendo DS. i made a mistake in begging my mom to buy the DS, then when i finally got it, i was upset that it didn't have any good games for it. i really should've done my homework. xD I also like the person above me's statement to get a rip-stik. they are about 77 Dollars at wal-mart, however, but from what i have heard, they are fun if you have pavement around. like, sidewalks and cul-de-saks and stuff. ooh, and the first person's statement, to buy him tickets to a sporting event, would be a great idea. for my 13th birthday, my parents got me great seats to a baseball game with my favorite team. they won, and it was a great time. however, you should find out what his favorite sport is, then his favorite team in that sport. if it's like, tampa, and you live in like, new york, then wait for an away game where tampa comes to new york to play. reserve tickets to this event through ticketmaster (link below with the rest).
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Avalon Avalon
Video games are like 50 bucks each if not more..If your looking for something different Nerf toys are great.. you"re never to old for those. Movie tickes are always cool with all the movies coming out as of recent. What about music cd's? I think my son was just getting into music at that age, also gift cards for music cd's are fun and resonable priced. Do they like to read? Gift cards for a local book store. My son wanted a camera at that age to. Then we took him out for the day and let him take pictures of stuff in the city. There are some good movies out on sale now to you could consider.
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Abegayle Abegayle
Not ALL 11 year old boys like to do the same thing. Heck, alot of times they don't even come close to liking the same things. If this is for your son, I'm sorry your relationship isn't better that you don't already know what he likes. If this is for your child's friend/classmate, you need to be asking your child what their friend/classmate's interest are.
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Sterling Sterling
My son just turned 11 and this is what was on his wish list this year... (I'm NOT saying he got them all!! LOL) ~ DS games ~ Stereo ~ Fishing stuff ~ Prepay phone(we got a nice cheap one) ~ iTunes Card for his iPod (you can find nice cheap iPods off eBay.. thats what I did last year for him) ~ Music CD's ~ Movie DVD's ~ A Digital Camera ~ Computer Games ~ Baseball Tickets (or any event) ~ He still likes Webkinz stuffed animals
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Pacey Pacey
the boys I know like all the outside adventure stuff, climbing, biking, fishing. My best friends son got tickets for a baseball game in New York.
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Linden Linden
wehn my 2 were 11 it was all about video games and skateboards. they also like action figures. pokemon is still a big thing i hear. kids around where i am are still into that.
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Jareth Jareth
video games sports stuff cool posters for thier rooms and electronics trust me im 12 but depends on thier personality smart kids like books or electronics and athletic kids sports stuff
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Jareth Originally Answered: Need help with boys?
I eventualy realised if you think someone is looking at you, well they probably are. It may be just looking around and seeing you, but it probably is that he is looking 'at you' because he finds you attractive. As a bloke, if I see a girl I feel attratced to, I will look at her because I like what I see and I would like her to look at me the same way. It does sound very much like he is interested in you, and forgive me for being crude but guys usually only 'gaze' at girls they fancy and do things to try attract their attention, ie pass the ball to you, to show they are interested. Don't plan it to much, just try to say hi and don't worry, a little shyness and awkwardness can be really sweet and its these things make it so much fun at the start. BTW, why would it be stupid to think he wants to know you? we are animals at the end of it all and we don't 'choose' who we are attracted too. It's instinct. Go for it and I wish you the best. :+)

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