Is everyone nowadays atheist? Is it possible for religion to come back?

Is everyone nowadays atheist? Is it possible for religion to come back? Topic: Social media research article
July 16, 2019 / By Elyse
Question: Most people on the internet are so it is safe to assume that yes the atheism wave is spreading fast. It's not possible for religion to come back. ONCE you convert a religious person to an atheist, you can't convert them back, IT DEFIES the laws of nature. It's like saying someone knows 2+2=4 but you can't convert them to say 2+2=110024324324 without requiring blind retarded faith in believing that.
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Christiana Christiana | 6 days ago
It is, and not surprisingly, I have figures...in the West anyway, I think the youth are seeing religion for what it is, and replacing the social aspects of going to church with FB and other social media. Oh yes, the facts and figures, if anyone is interested.... In 1990, 20.4% of the population attended an Orthodox Christian church on any given weekend. In 2000, that percentage dropped to 18.7% and to 17.7% by 2004. Olson explains that while church attendance numbers have stayed about the same from 1990 to 2004, the U.S. population has grown by 18.1%—more than 48 million people. “So even though the number of attendees is the same, our churches are not keeping up with population growth,” he says. (D. Olson, director of church planting for the Evangelical Covenant Church (covchurch.org) ) --http://www.churchleaders.com/pastors/pas... From the “Heritage Foundation”: “Since the 1970s, the share of those who never attend religious services or attend less than once a year increased by 53 percent, while those who attend several times a year or weekly decreased by 29 and 26 percent, respectively.” http://www.familyfacts.org/charts/620/ch... “The number of people identifying themselves under the "no religion category" increased by 14 percent across the state.” “Between 2001 and 2008, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that membership in congregational churches like Zion dropped from about 1.3 million in the U.S. to about 736,000.” http://www.wyomingnews.com/articles/2011... In the UK, this research shows clearly that it is the younger people who are leaving in droves... 39% of churches have no-one attending under 11 years of age 49% of churches have no-one attending between the ages of 11 and 14 59% of churches have no-one attending between the ages of 15 and 19.
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Christiana Originally Answered: Do I stay as a miserable atheist, or do believe in a false religion knowing that it is a lie?
But Jesus IS real, you only need to look at what has been made to know that there is a Creator. It's hard to believe that you have been this blind for 20 years You are correct in assessing that there is no hope or purpose offered by atheism, only vain intellectualism and rebellious pride that leads to moral depravity Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life I would say turn to Christ and surrender your life to Him. you will see for yourself that He is very real and most importantly that He does have a plan for your life - even now

Avalina Avalina
no, most people are still religious and religion can always come back. societies that in one time been more secular became more religious later. and although pure atheism is a relatively new phenomenon, their were similar none religious secularist movements that became prominent in several area of history, and generations later were completely forgotten and these civilizations reverted to their religious state. there are allot of factors of why civilizations become more or less religious. because of the ongoing process of globalization, a completely atheistic earth is not an impossibility. but even this unlikely scenario is to happen, and all the religions we know get extinct, or get extremely marginalized, it would most likely be for a brief period of human in history, a few generations at best. and eventually new religions will come up, and old religions will be revived. I will reference you to the 10th century Arab poet, Abu-al-Ala al-Marri. ""The Jews, the Muslims and the Christians, They've all got it wrong. The people of the world only divide into two kinds, One sort with brains who hold no religion, The other with religion and no brain."" there will always be stupid people who will need religion.
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Abbye Abbye
ah, but with a fact massage 2+2 does equal 110024324324 2+2=1+1+0-0-2-4+3-2+4-3+2+4 see, we can convert anybody to anything if we just make up stuff.
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Stephanas Stephanas
Please tell me that you are not as stupid as your question indicates. Young people lean towards atheism because they think they have all the answers. When they get older and gain experience they realize they didn't know even the questions. There is tremendous truth in Francis Bacon's quote both then an now: "A little philosophy inclineth a man's thought to atheism, but depth in philosophy inclineth him towards religion." <------------- one of MANY former atheists who is now a Christian.
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Paden Paden
"ONCE you convert a religious person to an atheist, you can't convert them back," as a former atheist, and for all the other former atheists I disagree.
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Paden Originally Answered: If the US becomes an atheist country, will there still be freedom of religion & will Christians, Jews, Muslims
Despite their self trumpeting as the preservers of free speech, their objectively baseless morality and the abundant historical records of those who acted out of it (despite atheism's vehement denials that they did) testifies that they are the suppressors of those who oppose them. We see a like spirit in militant atheists today in men like Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens. Recently some militant atheists have called for the outlawing of religious instruction to children, and even the removal of children from Christian/creationist homes. Militant atheism broad brushes all religions together as oppressive and bloody, while presenting itself as the "reasonable" alternative. Yet atheism itself is indeed a belief system, the major tenet of which they cannot prove, and whose modern historical legacy is far more murderous than the false religions they seek to supplant. If religion is the opium of the masses then atheism is their poison. Lacking a proven, transcendent, immutable moral authority, atheists cannot define an immutable morality, and instead anything is possible. Thus fellow atheists Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot murdered their millions as they did what was pragmatically "reasonable" to them. The Stalinist Purges produced 61 million dead and Mao's Cultural Revolution saw 70 million casualties, while Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge killed up to 6 million with the support of atheistic China. These casualties were just those of their own people! Atheist Lenin saw the massive Russian famine as a good thing, as he felt it would help eliminate the people's faith in God. In contrast, no blood can be shed in seeking to promote or defend the Biblical (not Roman) Christian faith, and Jesus and the apostles required men to seek and to be convinced on the weight of evidence (2Cor. 4:2), and supports the principle of formal separation of church and State (though it is not possible to fully separate belief from any action and laws), as well as capitalism and small government (and which it enables by bringing souls to be controlled from within, by God and conscience). Finally, Jesus Christ, who served others selflessly and sinlessly, then paid for our sins with His own blood and rose again, to give forgiveness and life to all who truly repent and believe, stands in stark contrast to the selfish and destructive ethos of atheism.

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