How can i try to get my parents to let my chihuahuas stay inside the house?

How can i try to get my parents to let my chihuahuas stay inside the house? Topic: Chihuahua research
July 16, 2019 / By Elvina
Question: My mom does not like my dogs INSIDE the house...they shiver in the night...and I've told her they can get sick and u have to pay for medicine...and I have tried everything...but she doesn't care...I try to take care of them by asking my mom if i can go 2 the park with them...and she says NO...or take care of urself!!! I can't even take care of my own dogs and she yells at me for NOT taking care of them!!! wtf...that is weird...right now i need to try to get her to let them stay in the house...THE ARE CHIHUAHUAS...i can't have them sleep outside!!!... MY PARENTS SAW THESE AND SAID TAT THEY we should probably juss leave them with sum1 else...BUT I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH AND my dogs are reaalllyyy really uncomfortable when they are around other ppl...THEY would have to GET USED TO ppl until they are able to let that person be touched!!!! omg...like...they CAN'T be with anyone else!! that is just unreasonable! OMG!!!!!!!! LIKE...no1 ever listens....I HAVE ALSO DONE ALL THOSE THINGS!!!!!!!! TRUST ME...AND MY DOGS ACN ABSOLUTELY NOT GO TO ANY1 ELSE AND MY RELATIVES WILL NOT TAKE THEM!! I SWARE...THEY CAN'T GO TO SUM1 ELSE!!! I HAVE MY REASONS!!!!
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Best Answers: How can i try to get my parents to let my chihuahuas stay inside the house?

Christi Christi | 5 days ago
Potty train your dogs give them baths every other day to show your mother they are clean enough to be inside. Do research to show her that they are very fragil dogs and arent supposed to be outside dogs. You could also buy a dog travel carrier/kennel and bring them inside the house to sleep only. Maybe put it in your room and at night time you can bring in your dogs and lock them in there for the night. Also when theres bad weather, or when you aren't home so they wont get out of the yard or get stolen.
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Ava Ava
No, they absolutely should NOT be staying outdoors! They're tiny and don't have much fat or hair to keep them warm. Why did your mom let you get dogs if she won't let you take care of them? I don't know how old you are or if this is a temporary living situation, but is there a family member who can keep your dogs for you until you live somewhere that you can keep the dogs indoors? Your mom is unreasonable!
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Abby Abby
I know you may not like this idea but i really think you need to find tehm a new home. Chi's should not be left outside without a heated room to get into. I would also talk to a vet and maybe a letter from a vet might convince her how bad it can be. If not please find them a home it would be teh best thing for tehm. Good Luck
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Steph Steph
try to show them that they aren't hard to take care of and that they won't bark in the night. If nothing works, you might want to consider giving them to someone else, maybe a breeder who you know will take care of them well, because if you really love them, you don't want them to get sick by sleeping outside.
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