Why does X stand for kiss and O stand for hugs?

Why does X stand for kiss and O stand for hugs? Topic: How to write and read date in english
July 16, 2019 / By Elva
Question: just a thought... i can't figure it out. and NO, i dont see how an O can look like a hug just in case someone is going to say that LOL thanx frosty!! that makes sense :)
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Christen Christen | 4 days ago
The origin of X's and O's is disputed. One theory is that it dates back to over a hundred years ago. Not many people could read and write then, so many would sign using an "X" instead of their name. The "X" was used as a symbol for the cross, and was considered a sworn oath when used as a signature. The signer would then kiss the "X", the same way they would kiss a crucifix or Bible. The "O" is a little harder to track down. It originated in the United States, and there is the theory that it's a symbol related to wrapping the arms around in a hug in a circle. There's also a theory that Jewish immigrants who couldn't write their name in English refused to sign with crosses ("X"s), so they signed with an "O." But how that evolved into a hug...that I couldn't find the answer to.
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Autumn Autumn
When you hug someone you put your arms around them and from the top it would look like an O. An X is a rough drawing of a kiss if you separate your lips into four parts. It's the closest thing on a keyboard.
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Abbygale Abbygale
Just see two lips here - > <, bring them closure to kiss each other you will get ><. Now when some one hugs the arms are around others body.(O). When the hug is complete then it looks only O. Is it OK?
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Stef Stef
when you put your arms around someone it forms an O. the kiss might be an X b/c they also called them smacks. in the old movies a smack was a stand in for sex.
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