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Lazy Husband? Topic: Kids refusing to do homework
July 16, 2019 / By Elouise
Question: My friend is asking for advice on her marital situation and I don't know what to tell her. Since I'm getting a divorce, I feel like I'm tainted so want some advice from you on this: Her husband is so lazy. He never does anything but sit on the couch and watch tv. She does all the cooking and the cleaning, does homework with the kids, runs the kids everywhere, she also makes a lot more $$ than him and pays most of the bills and never has any $$ while he always has cash. She is upset because he takes responsibility for nothing; if something breaks in their house, she deals with it. She even said she had to deal with her own flat tire when she was 8 months pregnant while he sat on his a$$. She said he does mow the lawn once in awhile, takes the trash out to the curb once per week & does his own laundry since she refused to do it, but that is it. She has talked to him about it a lot & she wants him to change but knows after 7 years that he's not going to. Divorce??
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Christelle Christelle | 3 days ago
I wouldn't stay one minute longer with a man like her husband....What a freaking lazy azz bum! How is she benefiting being married to that man? Oh yeah...he mows the lawn once in awhile....takes the trash to the curb and does his OWN laundry...BIG freaking deal!! He isn't going to change....He has been doing this for 7 years!!
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Christelle Originally Answered: How can I cope with my husband being gone for long periods? Husband got an over the road trucking job and I am so sad.?
my sister in law had to cope with that she had her man in the service gone for months at time. had twins to boot. some ideas. to help you cope. first off make new friends closer to you. get a job out of the home. being stuck there all day will ruin you. so get out go for a nightly walk go watch some movies. make a sweet gift for him for every two weeks. work on some of your goals. you hear a lot of people when they are old saying oh yeah i use to do that i don't know what happened. you can do that. make plans to see your 2 hour away friends. you got the time to drive 4 hours in one day (half of what i drive to and from work) even plan to stay the night on a week day and bring your work with you or take a half day. you can also volenteer your time on a cause that means something to you. and meet new friends who like the same things. you can visit older people in a nursing home. (they are so lonley and would be thrilled to see you) play games with you and all that good stuff. put together a yard sale. learn how to start a fire. with less stuff plan trips for each other. details matter. play on this site and kill time. take up photography.; write a book. (sex book what you wish he would be doing to you since you miss him dont' have to be too sexy) i don't know i love alone time so i can see it being hard. at first .. give it time tho you will get over it and will start to apperciate the time spent with him. if you can work from home can you work on the road with him? maybe one trip. is he allowed to call and phone you make up some phone games to play. most of all tho and this is the BIGGEST tip i can give you is learn to love yourself more than what you did yesterday.. not saying it will replace his love as it won't but loving yourself more is healthy and will show when he comes around again.

Austyn Austyn
Maybe the husband needs motivation of some sort, why not try to talk it out first before the wife decide anything but divorce, American wives has nothing but divorce on her mind. It is like a divorce is some kind of drug that cures everything. It's not a panadol capsule that once you swallow it your headache will be gone. Why not the wife motivate or even look for a job for her own husband. Is it too hard to do? If the husband refuses then it is time to divorce him but find ways and means first before taking things drastically, in divorce the children suffer most, which I donot think most parents understood. All they want is to be so far far away from his husband as much as possible. Even to live in the moon if possible.
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Abbygail Abbygail
Really, this is the sort of thing that should have been discussed before she married this man, it would have saved her a lot of grief. WHY does she pay for everything, for instance? why didn't they discuss before marriage how the finances were going to be split? Why didn't they establish before marriage that he was going to expect her to earn all the money and do all the housework as well? maybe she should try telling him that she can't keep up with all the childcare, housework etc and work as well, and she is thinking of giving up her job? Perhaps that might make him a bit more thoughtful around the house? If she is not going to give up her job, then she should try doing less around the house, wearing herself out is no good for her. Whether she divorces him or not is up to er, but wil she be happier if she divorces him? Is there anything about him that she does like? Is he good in bed for instance? Is he good with the children? Will the children be upset if she divorces their father? These are things she needs to consider. Personally, I think all this going out to work and trying to raise a family at the same time is a mug's game, since most men seem to expect their wives to do all the domestic work as well as holding down a job, and I really don't see the advantage of working yourself to death.
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Ste Ste
It's kinda lame for someone to think that not taking out the trash out or not mowing the lawn justifies a reason for divorce. This friend of yours should just come out and say she grew apart from her husband and wants a divorce just like you.
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Ozzie Ozzie
that sounds exactly like what one of my friends are going thru and I keep on telling her how can u put up with it. Tell her she does not deserve him she pays all the bills,takes care of the kid. Takes the trash out and pays all the bills. He is just a burden to the situation. Eating all the food she pays for. Wastes all the water and electricity. I would divorce him.
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Ozzie Originally Answered: Do I have ADD, or am I just lazy?
haha sounds like me in high school! i could read something 10 times and not absorb a single thing. i would try going to the doctor and seeing what they say. i was on adderal for a couple months, its ok, it made me concentrate but it may make you loose your appetite.

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