LTD Benefits Denial from MetLife?

LTD Benefits Denial from MetLife? Topic: A complaint letter of application
July 22, 2019 / By Eloise
Question: Now that MetLife has denied my long term disability claim even though my doctor + the company doctor says I am disabled, do I have to follow this so called appeals process or can I just file a complaint with the state insurance regulators. I am insured through payroll deductions for years through my company. Another point is that in the initial application to MetLife, they forced me to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits even though they had not approved my claim! They have tried to reduce their liability in my claim even before they made one single payment. Is that law full? They claim that they are missing "exam notes, therapy notes + doctor notes". Also, the denial letter says I have 1 herniated disk whereas the MRI states I have 3 of them. Lastly, they say my position is a "sedentary One", whereas I work for a large utility company that monitors my every keystroke and my yearly evaluations run 50+ pages. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to work, but with this pain & spasms, I simply can't perform my job and think straight.
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Christel Christel | 2 days ago
I went through the same thing with a different company. Follow the appeals process and talk to a disability lawyer.
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Aurora Aurora
They are always going to make sure you apply for SSI, its not your individual case. What are the reasons for the denial? Is it that they don't agree you are disabled? Is it a "contractual" denial? Either way, start the appeal process both with Met Life and your state department of insurance.
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