What effect does this have on you as the reader?

What effect does this have on you as the reader? Topic: Perspectives homework answers
July 17, 2019 / By Ellie
Question: In my homework we are suppose to find literary terms in our novel. You write down the passage and answer three questions. The question I have a problem with, is the one above. What is the effect of a literary device? Example "...and a curious dark residue was percipitated." I don't really know what the effect is as a reader. Is it what you feel after you've read it?
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Christabella Christabella | 9 days ago
Yeah it's basically how you feel and what you imagine and see while you're reading it. That sentence you've described is imagery and imagery is supposed to be vivid to help the readers picture what exactly is going on. So I would say something along the lines of helping you visualize the action, making you feel like you were there, and you feel as if you can touch the dark residue and feel its texture. If the example is a metaphor or simile, say something like "I am able to understand the author's point due to this metaphor because I can readily compare the two objects he's talking about and it has put his message into perspective."
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Aundria Aundria
I got this from the site listed below: Discuss in clear and specific terms exactly how the literary device contributes to the passage/poem/novel as a whole. In other words, how does the literary device reinforce and contribute to what is occurring in the larger context? Make sure you address the artistic effect when appropriate. When discussing the connection, artistic or otherwise, make certain that you address how this language device operates within the passage. It listed these as some "literary devices": •Metaphor •Simile •Metonymy •Synecdoche •Personification •Alliteration •Allusion •Ambiguity •Anaphora •Apostrophe •Aside •Assonance •Antithesis •Asyndeton •Metaphysical Conceit •Connotation •Cacophony •Caesura •Consonance •Chiasmus •Denotation •Enjambment •Euphony •Flashback •Form (poetic form) •Hyperbole •Litotes •Meiosis •Motif •Foreshdowing •Imagery •Paradox •Irony (Situational, Verbal, Dramatic) •Simple Metaphor •Extended Metaphor •Malapropism •Onomatopoeia •Oxymoron •Paradox •Paralipsis •Periphrasis •Polysyndeton •Rhyme •Symbol •Synesthesia •Tragic Flaw •Zeugma If you find a metaphor or simile those would probably be the easiest. You want to explain how the literary device effects the passage as a whole. You explain how the phrase or word helps the flow of the reading.
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Abbigail Abbigail
I think what the author is trying to do is give you an emotional reaction to the statement. the visual image is that of a goopy dark substance, it should give you an almost physical reaction to the film of a nasty film on your hands. precipitated literally means that it formed out of some kind of chemical reaction. the curious bit gives you the impression that the person speaking has no idea what it is that they are looking at. hope that helps!
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