Art History help? Anyone wanna helpp :/?

Art History help? Anyone wanna helpp :/? Topic: Modern day greek writing ancient
July 16, 2019 / By Ella
Question: 1. Which of the following is not a reason for the Romans' drive for expansion and acquisition of new territory? (1 point) A growing population base The need for land grants for the plebeians A noncompetitive ethic among the patricians The patricians' need to acquire more property to give to their sons 2. What system allowed the Romans to settle conflict by compromise? (1 point) A system of trial by jury A system of written laws A system of unwritten, but understood, laws A system of laws of precedent 3. The Gauls inhabited most of modern-day ___________. (1 point) England Turkey France Scotland 4. Which of the following is NOT one of the new military methods that allowed Rome to conquer all of Italy and achieve the first political unification of the peninsula? (1 point) The javelin Cavalry Organized infantry Plebeian uprising 5. What is a maniple? (1 point) A small, tightly disciplined infantry group A type of javelin A Roman political leader A name for the full Roman army 6. Compared to other ancient peoples, the Romans were ______________ in granting citizenship to freed slaves. (1 point) Generous Unwilling Slow The same 7. Early Rome began as a small city ruled by which peoples? (1 point) the Gauls The Etruscans The Greeks The French 8. Rome was able to expand, in part, because it was ______________ in contrast to its enemies. (1 point) Rich Politically stable Stronger Kinder 9. Who demanded written code of law? (1 point) Patricians All Romans Etruscans Plebeians 10. Choose the best answer. What would be a benefit of the Romans having a developed system of written laws?
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Chrissie Chrissie | 5 days ago
If you really don't know the answers to any of these questions, maybe you should talk to your teacher and admit that you're not ready for this test or assignment. Getting the answers from someone else won't help you learn anything. I'm not being mean here, just real.
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