My dad has prostate cancer.?

My dad has prostate cancer.? Topic: Sampling plan for a research study
July 16, 2019 / By Eliza
Question: My dad has cancer, and I dont know what to do. He has prostate cancer, and everyone keeps telling me that its a really cureable cancer, but I think that they just say that. 2 months ago my mom left, and my dad went into depression. && now on top of everything he has cancer. He has 2 choices since he is only 44. radiation, or taking the entire prostate out. I wouldnt know how to help him decide, I am a girl. I just really want to know the statistics of that he will live, because I cant live without him. Thanks for any awnsers you give me.
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Chonsie Chonsie | 3 days ago
Honey one of my best buddies is a fifteen years survivor of it. He had surgery,chemo, and radiation. he's fine now. Only has to have a PSA test done every year. From your National Cancer Institute; Men with prostate cancer have many treatment options. The treatment that's best for one man may not be best for another. The options include active surveillance (also called watchful waiting), surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, and chemotherapy. You may have a combination of treatments. The treatment that's right for you depends mainly on your age, the grade of the tumor (the Gleason score), the number of biopsy tissue samples that contain cancer cells, the stage of the cancer, your symptoms, and your general health. Your doctor can describe your treatment choices, the expected results of each, and the possible side effects. You and your doctor can work together to develop a treatment plan that meets your medical and personal needs. You may want to talk to your doctor about taking part in a clinical trial, a research study of new treatment methods. See the section on Taking Part in Cancer Research. Your doctor may refer you to a specialist, or you may ask for a referral. You may want to see a urologist, a surgeon who specializes in treating problems in the urinary or male sex organs. Other specialists who treat prostate cancer include urologic oncologists, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists. Your health care team may also include an oncology nurse and a registered dietitian. Before treatment starts, ask your health care team about possible side effects and how treatment may change your normal activities. For example, you may want to discuss with your doctor the possible effects on sexual activity. The NCI booklet Treatment Choices for Men with Early-Stage Prostate Cancer can tell you more about treatments and their side effects. At any stage of the disease, supportive care is available to relieve the side effects of treatment, to control pain and other symptoms, and to help you cope with the feelings that a diagnosis of cancer can bring. You can get information about coping on the NCI Web site at http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/copin... and from NCI's Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER or LiveHelp (http://www.cancer.gov/help) At 44 he's very young for this type of cancer, and has an excellent chance of survival. I have to warn though there will be days he feels like [email protected] Those days he will need a little extra tlc.
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Chonsie Originally Answered: Anybody had prostate cancer treated with radiation after years had recurrence of bladder cancer?
Hi Sorry for your recurrence.I got surgery for bladder cancer three years ago. No recurrence. Originally treated injecting bacteria in the bladder for six weeks to target the immune system intensive work the bladder. Three of my sisters lost their fight with cancer. They went all the way with doctors recommendations (including prohibition use of natural treatments) and nothing. On my personal case, I will use a combination. Do your own search. Is YOUR life, and YOUR body... and you are not a Ginnie pig. Boost your immune system naturally with (Noni, echinacia,cholostrum,etc) or whatever you prefer. I use 4life Transfer factors (the best of the best in my opinion-boost 427% with only two caps and in just two days). Search and try GRAVIOLA. Hope this help.

Aubrey Aubrey
Yes everyone does tend to say "don't worry, my dad had that 10 yrs ago and he's fine" and many doctors will say you could "watch and wait" to see if it develops-as most prostate cancer is very slow growing. However, your dad is very young and it tends to be more agressive in younger men. You are right to be concerned. He has over a 95% (more like 98% I think) chance of living for five years or more-but he is very young to only possibly have 5 years left. However that doesn't mean he will die after 5 years, but those are the 5-year survival statistics the medical industry comes up with. It's not the worst cancer for him to get, but no cancer's a "good" cancer. Talk his options over with him and his doctor and research as much as you possibly can. My dad had it 7yrs ago and he chose Brachytherapy (radioactive seeds which is possibly one of the options for your dad?) he could have chosen "watch and wait" and his doc said he'd probably live 15yrs. However he was much older than your dad (in his mid-60s) and seven yrs later is living with advanced cancer that has spread and probably has months to live. Also you don't mention how advanced your dads prostate cancer is-did they catch it early? Has it spread outside the prostate? These are all factors that will make a difference to his survival. So sorry you are going through all you are, and good luck to you and your dad.
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Abaigael Abaigael
About three years ago my dad found some abnormalities too.(Prostate Cancer.) I was scared and worried about him too. But how we all coped with was we looked up info on it, and talked to the doc about it. He had to do some radiation that seemed to help a great deal. It was nothing like you see in the movies were he lost hair or anything, just some uncomforablness, and being tired alot. Within a year he was back to his normal self and the abnormanlities was gone. In most cases it is the same for men...the do the radiation and thats it. Hope things turn out for the best. Have faith and hope, just be there for your dad.
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Spencer Spencer
I don’t know who “everyone” is, but they are wrong. Prostate cancer is not often cured and when it is there is nothing easy about it. All the information your dad needs will be provided by his doctors. I don’t know how statistics will help you, but the risk of dying from prostate cancer is 1 in 34. This takes into account everyone with prostate cancer and more often than not men die with the disease not from it. However, you dad is too young for that luxury. EDIT: It is impossible for someone to live with prostate cancer their entire lifetime and the patient would have to be very ill and it would be obvious to anyone they were dying if someone only had 6 months to live. Yes it is very treatable and most men live with it for a very long time, but most men are diagnosed with it when they are over 60.
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Osmond Osmond
Prostate cancer is curable. I did it, 4 years ago at MD Anderson. The basic problem is there are many new cases each year. The Proton Beam is the best but there are not sufficient centers to handle all cases. Probably the easiest is hormones. That works if the cancer is sensitive to hormone treatment. The key is early diagnosis and you can;t do that with the PSA test. In any case it's expensive.
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Osmond Originally Answered: Question regarding prostate cancer?
I had prostate cancer in 2005. I had Proton Radiation treatments at Loma Linda University Medical Center in Loma Linda Calif. Proton Radiation has no side effects to speak of and a 90% cure rate.. When I was there there were several people there who had surgery, harmone implants and the lupron that did not or was not working... and they were gettin Proton Radiation to get rid of their cancer. They didnt know about Proton Radiation at the time they had the other treatments.. I think it is the very best treatment available for prostate cancer today.. Id say your dad would be fine if he could have Proton Radiation. It is very different from conventional radiation. With Proton 90% of the treatment energy is directed exactly to the point being treated... there fore surrounding tissue and organs are not damanged and the treatment energy is delivered where needed in a concentrated from. There is a website called Proton Bob that tells about Proton Radiation and prostate cancer.. If you go there be sure and read the Patient Testimonial section and you will see how other former patients are as sold on it as I am..you can probably find a testimonial or two from some who had other treatments that didnt work but later took proton and are just fine now.. Also there is a book recently out called YOU CAN BEAT PROSTATE CANCER, written by Robert J. Marckini, a prostate cancer survivor. It is great. It tells all about prostate cancer and then tells all about all of the various types of treatments available today plus the pros and cons and side effects of each type treatment.. It can be purchased at barnes and noble and other book stores or on line at the Proton Bob website.. Its just my opinion, but from my experience with prostate cancer and the treatments.. I think your father would be fine if he could get proton radiation for the prostate cancer... Hope this helps

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