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What to do.landlord question? Topic: Landlord how to write a rental letter
July 16, 2019 / By Elisabeth
Question: I've been in my apt. for 7 years now. Our manager is good at fixing things; however, lately it takes him forever as he's alone and manages two other complexes. He's so forgetful and doesn't use a planner or a datebook. He's an "on a whim" type guy who just shows up, unannounced, to do things. He, too, is a morning person and has gotten me out of bed to fix things. I've been asking for a new range and refridgerator for about three months now. Mine were gold from the 70's, so I enclosed a letter with my rent, to the owners, asking for new ones. I thought that was a feesible request for as long as I have been here. Two months went by...heard nothing. I called my apt. manager and got appliances delivered the next day! Now I've been wanting him to install a new ceiling fan (this hasn't happenend for a year now as I get the "I'll do it next week" speech) and look at my bathroom tub faucet as it leaks HOT water and I have a toddler. Again, I get the "I'll get at it next week" speech. This has been ongoing for a month. Finally, today, I called him again (every I call it's long distance) and he thanked me for reminding him and he called a plumber right away. I asked him to call me back with a time if they're coming today. He said "I'll be on the grounds all day, just look for me." Ugh! I called back a few min. later and he told me that it would be today. This was four hours ago. A woman, I think it's his daughter, just knocked on the door and told me that it will now be tomorrow as the plumber had an "emergency call." I explained my frustration to her and she just said "I know, I know...we give him notebooks to write stuff down and he forgets them." I also told her that I have a toddler and it's leaking HOT water. She said "yikes...yeah, they'll definetely be out tomorrow!" I already called the owners of the building last week about this and all the the Mrs. told me was "we'll get on him." Is there anything else that I can legally do?? I can't afford to move as the rent is the lowest in town. Serious answers only please. Don't just say "move". I can't afford to move. I already have a fixed income. Like I said, it hasn't gotten this bad until about six months ago as our manager is just overloaded with stuff to do. He needs more help, but how do I convince the owners of the building of this?
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Chloris Chloris | 2 days ago
I would say that the nicer you are with the owners, the more you will be likely to get things done. If you are as nice on the phone as you are in this posting, you should get things done by using this tactic. In the last six months, the manager has seemed overwhelmed. Perhaps it would be a good idea to find him a helper? I really appreciate what he is doing, but there is so much for him to do. A pair of younger hands would be a real blessing to him, as well as raising the value of your properties. I spent many years working on rentals. The ones with long term tenants were the first ones to get things fixed as long as the tenants were nice. Tenants were classified as Old grump Fix it, don't replace it. Sweetheart, First to get new things Partiers, be gone next week. Fix it after they are gone Always late with rent, Get to it later. You sound like a sweetheart. I would hesitate to file a complaint with the authorities. Get this done internally.
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Chloris Originally Answered: Question about what my landlord can and can't do?
Your landlord is rude and an idiot. He has the right to knock on your door without advance notice, and you have the right to not answer the door. He needs to give you a 24 hour notice of arrival if he expects to be able to walk in on you. Sit down with him and have a firm talk. He needs to understand that what he is doing is NOT allowable. Meanwhile, you might want to do a little searching to see if this guy has any record of sex offenses. I'm guessing that part of the issue is that you ARE a 20 year old female. Straighten him out FIRMLY.

Aubree Aubree
Unless it is a true emergency, I don't see a problem with their response times. Yeah, it can be annoying but they are doing the work. They have other tenants and people like plumbers have other clients. All work gets prioritized, and you aren't always top priority. None of what you have described is an emergency. Where I live, you don't get another appliance until the one you have dies. It must be replaced at that point, but it sure doesn't have to be a new one. Not liking the color or the fact that it is from the 1970's has nothing to do with anything. Have you thought about buying a house or a condo? That way you could schedule all work and repairs for when it is convenient for you. You could also go out and buy all new appliances and upgrades as often as you like. Have you tried proposing a rent increase for all the tenants to the owner so they can afford to hire more help? Figure out what it would cost and how much of an increase eveyone would have to pay and propose it to them. Unless you want to pay for an apartment that has a personal concierge service to make your life really sweet, you are pretty much stuck as none of your issues are serious. Try going to the library and reading up on small repairs. If you learn how to do things yourself, you won't have to wait for others.
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Abagale Abagale
You do have an 'option' that you may not know about ... if you have 'asked reasonably' and have not gotten a 'reasonable response' you have the 'legal right' to have the work 'done' by a contractor and 'deduct' the cost from your 'rent' ... you MUST NOT BE IN ANY 'ARREARS' on your rent, though, and you must give a 'copy' of the contractor's invoice (readable) with the 'lower rent' ... but to be 'on the safe side' you should write a letter to the OWNERS of your building telling them that you have 'tried' to deal with this manager but that there have been 'too many times' he hasn't 'obeyed the law' about 'fixing or replacing things' and that you are going to use this 'contract and deduct' with any further problems ACCORDING TO THE LAW ... and if you live in the US or Canada, you need to get a copy of your local 'landlord tenant act' and READ IT THOROUGHLY ... in most places a 'manager' must give a tenant at least 24 hours notice of anyone going into a 'rented' apartment ... and must give 'a reasonable time' for that to happen ... and if your manager doesn't do that, he's probably in VIOLATION of a law ... you have a 'right to privacy' as much as a person who 'owns' a house, but you have been 'put upon' by this manager, and it is now 'up to you' to get things STRAIGHTENED OUT properly. If YOU are having problems, the chances are that your neighbors are also having them, so perhaps you could have a meeting with them and may include the manager and the owners of the building and 'talk about this' as reasonable adults.
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Sparrow Sparrow
Unfortunately, a hot water leak, especially coming from a faucet, is not an emergency. It is feasible for you to keep your toddler out of the room. Because of that, you cannot do anything legally unless he is violating a written agreement between you two. The ceiling fan and new appliances are not binding, either, even if he said he would provide them, unless he committed to it in writing. One option you may want to consider is drawing up an agreement that allows you to have your own repairs done. If you install the ceiling fan or replace the faucet, you don't have to wait on anyone else. See what he thinks of this idea.
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Osman Osman
report faulty damage and dangering to your state housing agent, and the HUD housing is to come and check real fast, or hold back rent after you file a notarized paper complaint be sure your rent is up to date.
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Osman Originally Answered: Landlord/tenant eviction question.?
ignore that spam link. i'm not sure about NJ, but in california he would have to file a new cease and desist and then wait the 30 days because he violated the original cease and desist when he filed for an eviction too soon. However, also in california. if they are causing a large amount of noise, lots of neighbors are complaining, etc. He can file a 3-day notice to quit(these are usually used in the event someone doesn't pay rent, but can be used in other drastic circumstances). He should really consult with an attorney because I'm sure that a violation of the lease should be enough of a loop hole to get them out asap, but in NJ I couldn't tell you exactly how.

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