Who officially witnesses presidential oaths of office?

Who officially witnesses presidential oaths of office? Topic: Day case supreme court
July 22, 2019 / By Elea
Question: I realize that the oath typically is administered by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but are there other people who must sign affidavits as official witnesses? While there might be thousands of actual witnesses, are there specific people who would later serve as the witnesses of record, in the unlikely event that the occurrence of the oath ever was questioned or challenged? EDIT: I wondered about this after seeing a dramatization of Teddy Roosevelt's oath of office, which was administered with only a few hours of planning in Buffalo, NY, after President McKinley was assassinated. It occurred to me that not all typical observers would have been present. Is there more than one actual witness of record, a sort of "official witness" that the oath was administered? This is common when other oaths are made, such as in marriages, when usually two witnesses sign affidavits that they saw the wedding take place. Who, if anyone, signs such an affidavit to serve as proof that the oath occurred?
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Cherise Cherise | 1 day ago
The oath of office is just a formality. The President is required to make the oath, but the oath isn't required to make the President. The President becomes President at January 20th every 4 years or upon the death or resignation or impeachment and conviction of the previous President. In the case of Obama, the oath was initially administered incorrectly by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. (The clip is kind of funny, you can see Obama knows the mistake and isn't exactly sure what to do.) Obama still became President on January 20th, but just to be sure nobody bother to make some stupid fake challenge, they redid the oath the next day with just a few witnesses and 1 reporter. The witnesses were not legally necessary, just because the President never does anything without some people around him.
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Ashlie Ashlie
Also, it isn't always the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that administers the Oath of the Office of President -- when President Kennedy was assassinated, a District Court Judge administered the Oath of Office to then-Vice President Lyndon Johnson, aboard Air Force One, with Mrs. Kennedy, and the body of the late President Kennedy aboard.
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Zia Zia
I am sure that all members of the Supreme Court (and Congress for that matter) are present for the oath but the Cheif Justice is in fact the one who administers the oath
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Slade Slade
Yrs ago when this was truly a Christian country they even swore in court on a bible and ended with so help me God . But now that we have fallen further away from God they think they can swear or affirm an oath to anything .IN fact if you look back you will see that most important papers where signed saying in the year of our Lord 1886 or what ever date .Funny thing is that the bible fortold of the falling away and we still have a little more to go.
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Ormonde Ormonde
There is no legal requirement as such. No witness is required, no administrator or deed either.
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