What are some good questions to ask a senior citizen?

What are some good questions to ask a senior citizen? Topic: Teen post about homework
July 22, 2019 / By Elanor
Question: I need about 8 questions to ask a senior citizen about theyre life as a teen in the 1960's Please help D: Jd "Number one. Ask if they mind if you waste their time doing your homework for you. You may not need a number two." Try not to be rude if you have nothing good to say and nothing to help answer the question then dont post here, the woman whos going to answer these questions is absolutly thrilled to do so, so theres your 1st wrong statement and for your second wrong statement i allready have well over 35 questions the assignment calls for 25, so i have done my homework id just like a better variety of questions and imput from outsiders. Im not looking for someone else to do my homework ive done it allready. I may be young but i dont need to be disrespected. To everyone else thank you very much you have helped allot.
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Cheri Cheri | 7 days ago
Never mind asking about computers, Cell phones or CD, or any of the technology that has developed in the last 20 years. We didn't know we were missing anything. Can't miss what you don't have. How Did Viet Nam or student protests or civil rights affect you would be good. What type of conflicts happened between you and your parents? How did you respond/react to the sexual liberation (development of birth control) Were the use of drugs prevalent in you group of friends? Was an emphasis on health important Was alcohol used much Were there as much child abuse as is being reported now. Did it matter to you what others thought or said about you/ That a pretty good start and if I were telling my grandson what to ask an older person for a class project it is what Id suggest.
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Cheri Originally Answered: Would you ask more questions in the senior citizen category if the likelihood of being reported?
Yes, I used to post in here very frequently, but it has become hateful in here anymore with certain 'regulars' being targeted and forced to move on.....mostly into FB. Now there is a sudden influx of new avatars and accounts that only answer each other for point gaming and spewing negative attitudes on every element of life. There's the political basher, who is not even a senior, that has no scruples about dirty tricks, accounts and emails. I know I will be deleted as usual.

Ash Ash
1. Do you remember high gasoline prices in the 1970s? 2. Did you have health insurance as a young person? 3. Did you wear nylon pantyhose and a girdle? 4. Do you remember womens movement? 5. Do you remember the first commercial jet? 6. Did you have any credit cards? 7. Were you for or against abortion? 8. Did you have Drivers Ed in high school?
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Zeph Zeph
Most young people will KNOW older people but the point is 'do any of the old people they know ever answer their questions?' There is a terrible age divide. In some families several generations get on well together, eat together, chat together, go on holiday together and watch T.V. together. These people have interaction with each other and, therefore, know all these things about which others know NOTHING AT ALL. Some young people here are trolls there is no doubt about that but I treat most people the same and just answer what is asked. It doesn't matter to me WHY they asked.
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Sky Sky
What did you do with your free time when you were a teen? Did you work? What was happening with your family at that time? Did you like high school? What were some of your problems as a teen? Did the state of the nation concern you at that time? Were your parents lenient or strict? What are the differences in life then and life now for a teenager? I hope this helps you.
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Oran Oran
1. Did you like Elvis? 2. Did you go to drive in movies? 3. How much was gas for the car? 4. Was it dangerous to hitch hike? 5. Did TV programs have to have ratings? 6. How old were you when you first earned money?
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Leeroy Leeroy
1. Was wood stock awesome? 2. How did the Vietnam war affect you? 3. What was the best type of food? 4. What TV show was your favorite? 5. How did you survive with out computers?
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Sure. If you haven't already done so, you can go ahead and research all the colleges that interest you, and ask them to send you copies of their brochures/applications (or get copies of the apps online). You can start working on the applications, as they tend to be a bit long. You can especially start working on the essays, which usually take some time and you want to revise a lot. If you're not sure which schools interest you, you can use a site like collegeboard.com or Princeton Review to plug in your GPA and SAT scores, your regional preferences, etc., and get a list of schools that might interest you. And you can start from there. You've taken the SAT, right? If not, you can get some SAT prep books and start working through some exams, getting familiar with content while you work on sections you're not so good at.

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