Why am I so frustrated/lazy to learn a new language?

Why am I so frustrated/lazy to learn a new language? Topic: How to write a little bit in spanish
July 16, 2019 / By Eireen
Question: Well for me it is... I'm trying to learn German but either am too busy or too lazy. I really want to learn though because my husband is German and we've been there a few times, so talking to his family isn't easy. I tried books, CD's, a class, a tutor, and that didn't work. I know some basics and my pronunciation is better than most people, but conversation-wise it sucks, so I don't know what's taking me so long. I guess I have to live there to really understand it... Is Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone the best CDs to use? So far Rosetta Stone was my favorite tool to use because I'm more of a visual person and the little exercises worked fine. But I got busy with work after 2 weeks of doing it and stopped. It seems like once I start learning, after 2-3 weeks I stop, so I'd have to start allover again. Am I just not motivated? Am I a complete moron? What's wrong with me?! Maybe it's just overwhelming, I dunno...
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Chelsie Chelsie | 4 days ago
I know how you feel. I took a Spanish class and got to the point where I could understand some stuff but always answered back in English. My teacher said most people over the age of 25 have more difficulty learning a new language. I asked two guys from Mexico who were working in Canada, if they always spoke English. Neither one did and said they learned from watching English soap operas and game shows. They got so involved in the tv shows that it made them want to understand more English. I think you need some fun in learning. Going to classes and listening to CD's can get a bit boring (I know that I lose motivation doing that). Possibly you could get a German penpal and practice writing. Sometimes by writing out the words and visually seeing them, it helps to keep them in your mind. I was also looking at a website with games and puzzles in German. It looks like fun and may keep you more motivated. It looks like so much fun that I'm going to go try out some of the links. Good luck and don't be too hard on yourself. At least you are trying.
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Chelsie Originally Answered: Is it normal to get THIS frustrated when trying to learn about new software?
Don't feel bad. You're not alone. Video editing software can be especially exasperating because of all its obtuse vocabulary. Then there's converting and encoding (the same thing) with codecs and incompatibilities. Like you, I'm an excellent learner when I'm shown but a dunce when told and just a tad slow when watching a video - although videos are a lot better than words I don't know and words with lots of screenshots are pretty good. As long as there are pictures or if I know enough to make "mind pictures" while reading the words, I'm a genius. You have to put your idea about doing things perfectly on hold and be willing to experiment and to make lots of mistakes. This is how I learn when there's nobody to answer my questions. You're not going to blow up your computer. The worse thing that can happen is that you'll have to close the program and start it up again. Unless you've got a fatal disease and are going to die in 2 weeks, you've got time. OH...be sure to save a lot as you work in case something doesn't work out. I do:-) Don't put down WMM 2.6. It's a version of the regular XP version and there are a ton of extras for it. http://www.thefxarchive.com/index.php?os... http://www.thefxarchive.com/index.php?os...

Ascelina Ascelina
Learning a language is like learning a lot of things, it takes patience. This kind of learning needs the most patience of all, that is, the patience of yourself. Don't pressure yourself, don't feel rushed or that you have to show progress. Don't struggle to learn the language, just go with it, be patient. It's about the process, not just the result. It's only as overwhelming as you make it to be. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, I've made hundreds, but I keep on learning languages every day. I actually find that taking breaks in learning a language is good for me, because when I come back to it, it becomes easier. I was learning Spanish Conjugations and had a hard time memorizing it all. I took a break, like a month or so, took it at my university, and found it to be a lot easier. If you have a way which you like, go with it. I like to learn Grammar first, then basic vocabulary. You can try story techniques or Teach Yourself German (it's a book). Either way, don't give up, you can do it.
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Zefania Zefania
Hi, Well, learning another language is not an easy task. Casset/CD courses are your best choice. Most of those now adays are recorded by native speakers. How long have you tried learning it for? It takes 3 years tio learn a language, living in a coutry that it is spoken in, so don't think that it is going to be easy to learn it. A tip; ask your husband to speak German to you, and German only. Guess what in a year you'll speak it. No need to wait 3 years.
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Siward Siward
It's hard to learn a different language especially later in life. I can read Spanish well, but have a difficult time with my pronunciation. I think immersion therapy would work the best for me; which is what you'll be doing in Germany. Primsleur is better, but more expensive than Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone offers a test package for free, so check it out.
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Opher Opher
Friend, My Mother tongue is TELUGU. I propose that first you are making peers with a few persons whose mom tongue is Telugu and who talk Telugu most commonly ( Normally on your situation they'll have a tendency to talk in English or the Local language) Next any approach you have got a Book , be taught a few elementary dialog guidelines and recollect. See plenty of Old Telugu Movies ...attempt to comply with them.See the equal historical film greater than two times or three times. This approach You listen well Telugu with well accessory. Hear TELUGU NEWS in TV channels ...you get the presently used phrases and their pronunciation .Be listening to ,and also you consider acquainted after a while. Speak in Telugu along with your Telugu peers and ask them to right you if you are making errors and likewise ask to be excused if you happen to talk any factor incorrect.allow them to right you. If you do like this for a minimum of 3 months obviously you'll be ready to speak in Telugu fluently.
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Opher Originally Answered: Is Modern Greek a very hard language to learn for someone whose native language is Spanish?
Greek's pronunciation is fairly simple once you learn the combination sounds of diphthongs and consecutive consonants. Grammar is harder than a language like Mandarin of course but is similar to most European languages in its case system, etc.

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