Should I follow up the interview yet? would it be to pushy?

Should I follow up the interview yet? would it be to pushy? Topic: Random jobs application
July 20, 2019 / By Eglantine
Question: I had an interview yesterday for a position as a care assistant. It went really well, I let them know how much I would love to be care assistant. there are a few questions that I wished I answered better but I felt they liked me as I think that I answered the rest really well, a few times we were laughing about stuff which I think is a good sign. They were asked me what I knew about the place and I mentioned that I had visited their website and did some research on what my routine would be like and they seemed really impressed and said 'Wow, finally someone with initiative!' they also complimented me on my hand writing and said that the stuff I put on my application was very well written which was random but I guess they must have liked me. They took me for a tour of the home and asked who they could call for a reference. They discussed wages and the training I would receive then said that they would call tomorrow (which is now today) at about 4.30. They haven't called yet and its almost 7. Should I call them tomorrow and ask if they have made a decision yet? I don't mean to be inpatient but I REALLY badly want this job, not just because its a job but because I really am passionate about this type of work. What do you think about this interview, is it looking good or does the fact that they haven't called me when they said they would a really bad sign? I hope they were just busy today.
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Chelsea Chelsea | 2 days ago
I think its a good idea to call tomorrow. Maybe around the middle of the day. I don't think they'll see it as pushy, just ambitious about the job. Good luck! I hope you got the job.
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Arline Arline
Sounds like you did really well! Before jumping right into it by asking if they made a decision, I would give them some time to get the reference check done. Particularly since this is a holiday weekend. I would, however, keep in touch with them by sending them a card or an email thanking them for their time, and re-emphasize why you are right for the job. I always appreciate getting those - and you can use it as a chance to mention (briefly) something that you weren't able to get across in your interview. Good luck!
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Zed Zed
I can certainly appreciate your enthusiasm!!! It does sound like the interview went well. I would have first sent a thank u note via email..and then Called the next day(provided I had not heard anything yet)..to "follow up" on the email and to just re-convey your interest...if u should get an answering machine/voicemail..simply state who u are..following up on the email(etc..) please feel free 2 call you if there is any additional information that they need(etc..)..It's always a good idea to keep your name on the hiring manager's brain!! Good luck!
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