Asking a girl out on a date. What do you think of my idea given my understanding of her?

Asking a girl out on a date. What do you think of my idea given my understanding of her? Topic: How to write a action plan example
July 16, 2019 / By Edyta
Question: Hello everyone and thank you for reading this, My name is Will and I am 18 years old and currently in college. I was a high school football player and even the captain of the football team, but I have never dated anyone. This was actually my choice I made in high school. I weigh 250 pounds and I was an offensive lineman. I'm not huge as in fat, but I am by no means skinny.I love to work out, and I am also not shy at all and very witty. I have a beautiful girl that sits behind me in my History class and I want to ask her out. She is very quiet. A month ago a jerk asked her out and she used the "i'm too busy with schoolwork" line on him (he never shows up to class and is really stupid). I was really happy about this! She does not go for losers that suck :) I've talked to her many times, and I kinda suck at reading her cues. In many instances she would ask me when an assignment was due or something of that nature, I would give her the simple answer and then she would continue the conversation. This is where at least I pick up that she likes to talk to me. Another instance was when I just said good morning to her and she instantly apologized for sniffling from a cold. I made a corny joke and she smiled and laughed instantly. Seriously it was not as funny as she made it out to be. Also in the middle of the lecture I normally say something to her and she instantly sits up to talk to me. I am banking on the fact that she does like me, but give me your opinions if you respond to my question. Now I am planning to ask her out 2moro. When the jerk asked her out it was when everyone was leaving class and it was kind of crowded and you could tell she was nervous about denying him. I don't want to make her uncomfortable and i am willing to talk to her, but instead i will write her a note. The note will consist of a funny line for example " Hi (girls name) sorry for distracting you from this exhilarating history lecture (they are boring) but I was wondering if you would like to hang out sometime after school. I think your beautiful and I would like to get to know you better. I would prefer to talk to you, but its hard to make it private and I dont want to put pressure on your decision." I would make a check box for her to select and some stupid line like there is a right answer for the question of yes or no. Again if you have any suggestions toward my note/letter please comment! I want to get as much feedback as i can! Another thing to keep in mind is that I sit in front of her in class and I figured this would be the most effective way given the circumstances that it is a very public place. It seems a bit junior high, but I think it might work with her. I do have date ideas also. I know she loves Starbucks coffee and there is one next to our school, and with the new thor movie out there is another date idea. Anyway thats all that i have. Please reply if you have any additional ideas that i should add to the mix, or if you approve and think this course of action is a great idea. -Again thanks to everyone willing to read all of this Will
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Charlotte Charlotte | 6 days ago
Yeah I'd definitely scratch that note idea lol, or at least all the stuff about you liking her. Not because it wouldn't work, I mean you know her better than any of us do, but it puts her in that same uncomfortable position just like that jerk did. Let it breathe. Don't make her decide right now if she feels the same way. You're in a really good spot. You're both comfortable with each other and enjoy talking. I guarantee she can already tell you like her and that's enough for right now. Honestly, if you do the note. Make it simple. "Hey I was gonna walk over to Starbucks after class if you want to come with?" Boom, short and to the point but most importantly it puts absolutely no pressure on her. But that's just my opinion, I'm fortunate enough to be considered good looking and didn't turn out an asshole so I've done this a few times. I don't want to come off conceded but I hope you consider my advice, I'm rooting for ya bud. If you think of it, shoot me an email on how it went
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Arielle Arielle
I personally believe confidence is the way to go. Even if you don't have confidence... Fake it til you make it. A note doesn't exude confidence, it makes you sound like you are afraid she might say no...especially with a check box with the option... If you don't believe she should say yes, then why should she? I say just go for it... After your class say "let's get something to eat, I don't know about you but Im starving. I'll treat" Don't give her the option to decline, then win her over with your awesomeness :)
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