How far can a Beretta 92FS shoot?

How far can a Beretta 92FS shoot? Topic: How to compare and contrast two essays
July 22, 2019 / By Edwina
Question: I'm doing a compare and contrast essay for school on the Beretta and Glock and I need to know how far a Beretta can shoot. I have looked online many times and just can't find anything on the shooting distance. Thanks!
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Charley Charley | 4 days ago
For all practical purposes a 9mm bullet shot out of two guns with the same barrel length will have the same range. Both handguns are designed for personal defense purposes (as opposed to target shooting) and will also have about the same range that a competent operator can shoot accurately (say about 50 yards when trying to hit a human size target). If you want to compare/contrast, then I suggest you look at things like the material they are made of (all metal vs polymer frame), their actions (DA/SA vs glock "safe action"), and other attributes such as external hammer, safety, history (Beretta's design was an major evolution of the walther P-38 and others, Glocks was relatively original and innovative), where they are made, who uses them.
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Ariana Ariana
50 yards is the maximum practical range for most pistols, including the 9x19mm Beretta 92FS and every Glock model out there.
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Zander Zander
it depends on how your shooting it. it also depends on the load and everything. to be honest if your trying to shoot far all your have to do hold higher on the sights and then you will account for the bullet drop and hit your target
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Sibald Sibald
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