Wutz a good topic to do a persuasive paper on?

Wutz a good topic to do a persuasive paper on? Topic: Good high school research paper topics
July 15, 2019 / By Edwena
Question: it needs to be for and against the topic. for high school research paper.....any ideas are appreciated thanks! abortion and illegal immigration are already taken but keep on thinkin...
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Best Answers: Wutz a good topic to do a persuasive paper on?

Charlene Charlene | 3 days ago
>>abortion (pro-life, pro-choice) >>gun control >>teen driving >>death penalty for teenagers/minors >>animal testing >>cloning >>gov't looking through our emails, listening to our phone calls,(invasion of privacy!!!) or go to 2facts.com (it lists A LOT) of topics
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Charlene Originally Answered: Whats good topic for a persuasive paper?
Write something that you can argue. What are you passionate about? If you read the paper / watch the news, what makes you go "I agree with that" or "I disagree with that?" Can you name good reasons for why you think that way? If so, then you have a persuasive paper. For example, I believe that high schools should bring back home economics and woodshop classes. I can name a lot of great reasons for it, mostly including the fact that when kids go off to college, half of them don't know how to use a laundry machine, iron a shirt, or cook anything more difficult than spaghetti. I think that home ec would be a lot more important than telling kids not to do drugs and saying that sex is bad, etc. I'm staying out of politics, and I'm also staying away from some of my other more unpopular opinions, (Corporal punishment in schools? Hell yeah. A lot more kids wouldn't skip school if the punishment was ten lashes manacled to a basketball hoop) but there's plenty to write about. Mike

Ariadne Ariadne
depends on what your passionate about... is there a topic out there that intrigues you? be much easier to get through a research topic if you found the topic interesting... election coming up - anything political, for/against the war human cloning plastic surgery illegal immigration evolution vs. creationism having children before marriage/after marriage conventional medicine vs holistic medicine religious vs atheist views abortion unified health care system eastern vs western religion or something off the wall - basically one view is they exist, the other they dont crop circles ufo's ghosts you can also find a quote & debate it for or against... like "ignorance is bliss" and then go into how someone can't be truely happy if they dont know the bad, yet someone who is ignorant and has never experienced the bad are happy as they have no idea how bad it is. Like a preschooler vs. adult...
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Zalmon Zalmon
if the subjects completely up to you, choose something you're either really passionate about, or wanted to know more bout or are interested in. If it's for and against, try something you know a lot about and that you can fully support for and against. Abortion and immigration are good topics, like the above said, or you can try something that's really important to your school or community. Your sports team really want new uniforms? Your school requires uniforms and ppl want to change it? Whatever's really important to you or your school would be a good topic.
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Sib Sib
you are able to desire to %. a topic count you comprehend something approximately - and which you will locate sufficient information directly to place in writing approximately. one thank you to do this is to think of of matters that scholars around you're speaking approximately - some college situation like no count if to have an open campus in the process the day, or employing steel detectors and having armed guards, increasing the parking for college childrens, letting pupils take training on the closest college for college credit on an analogous time as in severe college. write your subject count contained in the midst of the paper and then think of approximately each and every of the somewhat some issues you are able to desire to write approximately it. it somewhat is type of like a unfastened type define. draw lines from the subject count to the recommendations. then harm down the recommendations to smaller products. once you have a superb style of lines - you will desire a superb style of recommendations to place in writing approximately. in case you have no longer have been given many lines, attempt yet another subject count. it somewhat is a solid thank you to offload a superb style of cloth out of your techniques to the paper. solid success
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Odran Odran
Does fast food cause obesity (*cough cough McDonalds*) Is violence caused by influence in the media? Animal Testing? Should there be a smoking ban on (insert state you live in here)? hope that helps!
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Odran Originally Answered: What is a good persuasive topic?
I had to take a speech class freshman year of college and I always had trouble coming up with subjects that would be interesting and easy for me to write. When i asked my teacher for some help, this is what she asked me. "What pisses you off?" and "What can people do to make the world a better place?" Persuasive topics are something that you need to pick personally because if they don't come from the heart, they won't be fun and they won't be persuasive. I ended up describing why everybody should play a musical instrument because playing music is a huge part of my life. You could do the standard topics like illegal immigration, school uniforms, etc. but I find them to be super boring. You have the whole summer, so the next few days, I would just keep thinking about things that other people do that bother you or things that would make the world a better place. Good luck!

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