What do i need to do to start this club in school?

What do i need to do to start this club in school? Topic: What to do with old school papers
July 16, 2019 / By Edweena
Question: I want to start a club at my high school where students volunteer and help with the elderly (there are a few senior citizen homes by my school) and visit the older people who have to stay in the home and the students can play games and do stuff with the older people. I want to know: 1. what to do at the meetings 2. how often to have meetings 3. what to name the club 4. How to start it?!?!??!?! Do i talk to my counselor or the principal, i also need a teacher to be at the meetings, what kind of teacher should i get and how?! 5. How many people do i need on a petition to get the club started? 6. Will I be allowed to put up posters or do i need approval? Sorry for so many questions but I'm new to this I'm a freshman and I hope to get to most I possibly can out of my 4 years of high school? If this idea doesn't sound good to you I would also like to start a club that works with homeless (lazarus house) and hungry (working with salvation army or holding food drives)? Lastly, should I combine all of these and make one broader club where there is a required amount of service hours in the year and you can choose how to volunteer out of the 3 topics (elderly, homeless, hungry).
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Charleen Charleen | 2 days ago
usually you have to find a Teacher who is willing to "supervise" the club or group and manage it. you have to fill out paper work with the official school group committee. 1.at the meetings you all just sit around and brainstorm ideas as to how you will help the elderly. usually you will come up with 1 big event for the year, and that is what you will discuss and plan at the meetings. maybe something like visit a seniors home and volunteer your time to play games with them/spend time with them, or teach them how to use computers etc. 2. you probably have to meet at least once a month somewhere on school grounds like in a classroom at lunch time or something. or if you live somewhere warm, maybe outside at lunch time. 3. maybe have a brainstorming session with the "founding members" and come up with something unique. 4. probably first go to your counselor and tell them your intention to start it. they will send you in the right direction such as where to go to fill out the forms/paperwork, etc. they have protocol on how to start clubs and they should know what to do. 5. probably at least a few. i dont know every school is different but definitely you will need at least 1 teacher or 1 counselor. so that is why you need to talk to the counselor about this. 6. usually schools don't want you to put up posters around the school unless you have permission, so make sure you ask them for permission first. but you need to "register" your club first. which means you have to go through steps 1-5 (above) first. it takes time so just be patient and wait and see. i hope it all works out. seems like a good idea!
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Charleen Originally Answered: I want to start this club next year at my high school, so what do you think?
you should check out that book "french women don't get fat." i went to france when i was younger and their whole attitude towards food and health makes staying fit so effortless. see it's a good idea but you can't push it out there as something that is for people to get fit if you're hoping to appeal to overweight or unhealthy ppl. you have to find something that is more inclusive that could appeal to anyone. with other clubs everyone knows that all they have to have is an interest. nobody makes fun of you for not being the best artist or chess player or whatever, but that's not the case with your own body. so whatever you call it or tell people you are doing you have to make it something that people woud feel comfortable coming in with a mild interest regardless of how much they know or how good/bad they are. maybe make it more of a thing about learning how to cook tasty [healthy] meals, trying out different [fitness] things like yoga, tai chi, and all the other sports, learning how to take care of your skin (we have this place with a sauna- free membership for high school students), meditation or stress-relief practices. maybe it could be more like a health and wellness club - focus on good mind/body/food and squeeze the nutrition/diet/fitness/self esteem part in there. just make everything as active but discreet as possible. don't hit anyone over the head with a scale. hand them a paper to take home that happens to mention how people who maintain a healthy weight tend to check the scale often.
Charleen Originally Answered: I want to start this club next year at my high school, so what do you think?
I really like the idea but a girl might not want to join you club the getfit club b/c other people might start asking them oh is that the fat girl club. It depends if your over weight and can encourage other girls to join. Otherwise you might see like some girl who is tired of looking at overweight people and wants to do something about it.
Charleen Originally Answered: I want to start this club next year at my high school, so what do you think?
Obesity is not always due to lack of exercise and too much food. I am fat (for real, im not a bulimic self centered teenage girl) and I ride my bike everywhere (meaning about 2-3 miles a day on most days) and I barely finish my dinner on most nights and don't eat breakfast (no, im not anorexic, im just not hungry) My mom is fat, so are my uncles on her side. It runs in our family. So watch what you do, a fat girl won't usually join a club for fat girls, you sound like a skinny prep with no sense. I would never join such a club. It will be filled with skinny little teenyboppers who think they are fat. It sounds like a "make me feel like total sh*t" program

Aretha Aretha
I feel you will have to pass via with this at institution, however you will have to cognizance on extra bible research and worship corporations that what you had in brain. But this can be a well notion! By legislation you're capable to create those golf equipment in a public institution. You may also inform humans approximately it at the bulletins! Also do not be afraid to speak on your administrator approximately matters like this, you would be amazed on the quantity of legislation that guard individual pupil spirituality in public colleges. If you have got disorders with management difficult you on whether or not or now not you'll be able to have those companies, do not backtrack! Find any one concerned with legislation and ask them to support you out!
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Aretha Originally Answered: Trying to start an anime club at my school, need to state case and need new ideas?
Reasons why you should have an Anime club: 1. Many students are interested in Anime 2. It's a way to relax and take your mind off of school related things which can be really stressful 3. Helps students make friends. When you get together for this club, lots of students will find someone who have the same likes and interests as them 4. Anime gives us life lessons and teaches us important values 5. It could help widen your imagination. Anime is a place where everything is possible and everyone can express their creativity 6. Everyone has an opinion. You can practice freedom of speech by letting everyone have a say on a certain anime 7. Helps boost strategic and analyzing abilities with mind puzzling Anime 8. Improve artistic abilities of students by letting them draw or paint or even create a manga 9. It's a way to have fun during the school year 10. ugh sorry i can't think of anything for the last number -.- Anime with good theme: 1. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai - Friendship 2. Naruto - Never giving up, Trying your best and Believing in yourself, Believing in the future, Hard work and Trusting your friends 3. Death Note - Justice will prevail, Intelligence, and Knowledge 4. The Law of Ueki - Justice, Will and Friendship 5. La Corda d'Oro - Music 6. Angel Beats - Friendship, Love and Purpose in life 7. Eyeshield 21 - Goals, Working as a team and Never giving up as long as the possibility isn't 0% 8. Natsume Yuujinchou - Warm feeling, Friendship and Helping others 9. One Piece - Sacrifice, Goals and Dreams 10. Itazura na Kiss - Grades, School and Romance I hope you get the Anime club back at your school :) I Love Anime o.o

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