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Gaming Computer case suggestions? Topic: Clear computer case side
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Question: I built my first PC last year and i got a case that i really dislike. Its all plastic and things break easy like the cd drive cover etc. My last case was a Xion and i was thinking of a coolermaster or antec case. I would prefer one that has a clear window in the side to see inside the case, and with LED fans suggest cases or websites. I know about newegg and tiger direct.
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Charissa Charissa | 8 days ago
cooler master haf x all the way bro (if u can afford it not 2 bad actually aobut 180 if i remember correctly) lots of room lots of cooling, if not lanboy air also great cooling, great mobilities, n looks really bad @$$
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Charissa Originally Answered: Gaming Computer Case?
coolermaster storm sniper black edition its about £95 but its a beast loads of room great air flow incredible build quality and massive side window to see your components doing what they do best and there are alot of other cool feautres :D
Charissa Originally Answered: Gaming Computer Case?
The Antec Nine Hundred is one very hardcore black gaming case that is well worth ... Computer Hardware Reviews Facts Issues and Daily Tech News.

Antonette Antonette
The coolermaster 690 II advanced is a really nice solid case, the one I own came with the side window but some don't sell it with the side window but I'm pretty sure you can buy it separately. It has blue LEDs on the front of the case an lots of room for good cable management an all hard drives an optical drives are easy install :)
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Antonette Originally Answered: I am working on building a gaming computer. I made a list of the parts i am buying to make my computer?
You're going to need to make a lot of cuts to get it down to an $800 build including the monitor and peripherals. Try the $645 range components here to get in budget http://www.logicalincrements.com/ The monitor is more than enough; you may want to find something cheaper actually. For the current build the PSU is fine. The motherboard can process sound so you do not need a separate sound card.
Antonette Originally Answered: I am working on building a gaming computer. I made a list of the parts i am buying to make my computer?
Well you have a $300+ video card - high end for a modest build. Consider a GTX 960 to shave off some money. Try using PCPartPicker to select your parts. It will show you where some of the best prices are and give you a link we can follow. You have also included a monitor - keep this separate as we usually try to build desktops for some money but ignore speakers, headphones, keyboards, etc.

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