Would Herman Cain make a good president?

Would Herman Cain make a good president? Topic: Creating a business plan for sales
July 22, 2019 / By Edain
Question: I am becoming increasingly convinced that he would. He is a business owner who understands the economy and the necessity of small businesses for the economy's well-being. He has specific plans for decisive action, and I like a lot of his goals (returning to a gold standard, having a national sales tax instead of an income tax, etc). Like Mr. Cain said, "Hope and change ain't working." So far, he's got my vote if he can do well in the primary.
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Chanté Chanté | 3 days ago
This is an interesting question. Our founders believed that all government positions should be occupied by regular Americans. They detested the monarchy from which they came and purposefully set out to create a nation where citizens would give up their work for a few years, serve the nation and go back to the farm, etc. Somehow, we've evolved into a mindset that our leaders have to be elitists with ivy league educations, wealth, perfect speaking ability and they also have to be hansome/beautiful. We have elected many of this these illuminati types and they have not been good presidents. So yes, I like Herman Cain and especially like his character and belief systems. I will vote for him if he is the nominee.
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YES - Sheriff Arpaio would win by a landslide! He is just what the United States needs after our present president of the United States is actually siding with foreign national invaders by suing Arizona & screwing America! In case anyone missed this interview, here is Sheriff Joe the true American hero telling it like it really is… Mexican Pres. Felipe Calderon - Mind Your Own Backyard!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVrKqirUe...

Anstace Anstace
A national sales tax would be highly regressive, penalizing those who spend most of the money instead of save it. A return to the gold standard would change the value of the dollar every time the value of gold changes. It would be impossible to maintain a currency standard without having massive buying and selling of currency by the FED. Instead, it would cause chaos in international trade.
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Zaccai Zaccai
Anyone who believes in a return to the gold standard does not belong in any sort of role of power whatsoever. You will not find one economist in the country that thinks that is a good idea. Cain and Ron Paul are both off their rocker. We went OFF the gold standard for a reason - to get us out of the Great Depression. Every other country that went off the gold standard ended their depressions as well. Read a book or something dude... seriously.
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Sherlock Sherlock
We as a rustic could see an economic up turn, not considered because Ronald Reagan's 2d time period as President. He could have a positive effect on the U. S., the commercial boom, and the human beings. by the way, Barack Obama admitted to vacationing to fifty seven States in the course of his Presidential campaign. So, be careful about discussing the intelligence factor of applicants. the present President of the U. S. creates completely new degrees of embarrassment to, and for the U. S. on a daily basis.
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Norwood Norwood
herman cain would not make a good president. he is a stooge for the insiders just like george w. bush and barack obama. he is getting a lot of press so that he will gain some of ron paul's support. he makes a lot of the same arguments paul does (e.g. abolishing the IRS). cain has no intention or desire to be president. expect basrack obama to be re-elected.
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Norwood Originally Answered: Isn't it ironic that the first black president is the one trying to make us all slaves to the government?
I for one do not want the GOVERNMENT doing anything for me other then keeping our boarders safe and our military strong. That is what it was set up to do, nothing more. All these laws that "THEY" have passed aren't any better then the paper they were written on. I don't need them telling me what and when I can do for myself. Thank you for this forum, I know it will fall on deaf ears but I at least got this issue of my chest. I am an American citizen and proud to be a part of this fine country but enough is enough. Our President should not be making us do something that most if not all of us don't want or need. ie a Bill shoved down our throats and mailed to my home, saying this is what I owe? That is not freedom, in my books. Besides we are all going to be owned by a foreign entity. Those that bailed our dumb ars-s-s out of the mess the greedy GOVERNMENT put us into.

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