How many grants can you receive?

How many grants can you receive? Topic: Cover letters for college students still in school
July 16, 2019 / By Echo
Question: I am attending a community college right now (2010-2011), and will attend at the same institution in the 2011-2012 year as well. I have received $6,300 in financial aid from the college including the Federal Pell Grant (5,500 this year) and a Federal ACG grant (750 this year). I'm not sure how my EFC looks but it should be less than 2,000. Just an overlook on my financial standings. I will be transferring to TCU full time and looking at about $60k+ in tuition in order to attend the business school there. Total expenses are showing in between 80k and 90k, give or take particular choices in room/board. I have a list of several Federal/Texas grants that I meet the criteria for, but how many grants will I most likely receive? Below is a list of everything TCU/myself meet: (Name/Max amounts per year) Texas Pell Grant - $4,731 Fed. Pell Grant - $5,500 SEOG - $4,000 TEGP - $3,808 TCOG Program - $4,731 TEXAS Grant (not the pell) - $6,808 and also the Tuition Reduction for Students Taking More than 15 Hours. So again, what is the likelihood that I will receive many of these? If I received all of these then I would be cleared entirely and debt free, but obviously that doesn't really make much sense in the scheme of things. Sources for Aid/Amounts @ www.collegeforallTexans.com Thanks a ton to anyone who knows what they're talking about.
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Chanelle Chanelle | 1 day ago
What grants you are eligible for depends on your EFC, academic history and your school. There's no limit to how many you can receive, but I cannot tell you for sure which ones you will receive. Your school will decide on that and will present you with an award letter. What I can tell you though, if you are currently receiving the Federal Pell and ACG this year, you should expect to receive the same next year. However, once you have transferred to TCU, the ACG will no longer be available to you since it is only for the first two years of study. You may still receive the Federal Pell until you've obtained your first bachelor's. More than likely, you will have to rely on loans to cover some or most of your tuition since no one has actually got their education paid in full by grants before. (To my knowledge.) Most students whom have an EFC of 0, may receive only 2 or 3 of the grants listed in your post. Speak to a financial aid counselor at your current school, and pay a visit to TCU's financial office too, to see your available options so you can get the most out of grants. Goodluck!
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Because they need to pay off the gambling debts of the speculators and wealthy. Its gone beyond a joke. They are cutting the social welfare bill as well by EXACTLY the same amount that they gave to the unsecured Anglo bondholders! There is a demo about the cuts in education wednesday

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