The Sims 3 expansion packs help?

The Sims 3 expansion packs help? Topic: The sis 3 store
July 16, 2019 / By Ebony
Question: I downloaded The Sims 3 on EA direct download and i bought the physical copies of the expansion packs...will the expansion packs work with the game?
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Best Answers: The Sims 3 expansion packs help?

Chanel Chanel | 10 days ago
Yes they should. The Sims 3 base game off of the EA direct download is just like buying it in stores.
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Chanel Originally Answered: Which apple stores in LA can I buy sims 3 and sims 3 expansion packs?
why dont you call an apple store instead? do you know which pizza hut in LA have the buy one get one free special? or is it only in Riverside county?
Chanel Originally Answered: Which apple stores in LA can I buy sims 3 and sims 3 expansion packs?
Why not use Steam or Origin? Granted, you'll need a pretty good internet connection to download them, but these online stores will provide you with the Mac compatible software. Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/ Origin: http://store.origin.com/

Anonna Anonna
Yes, they'll work. The way you got the game and expansions doesn't matter as long as they're all legal copies.
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Anonna Originally Answered: Sims 2 expansion packs?
Night Life: On The Sims 2 Nightlife, you can now purchase cars, driveways, and a few new household items, like beds, decorations, ect. You can also when creating a Sim, choose its "Turn On's" and "Turn Off's". You can take your Sims out on a date, slow dance with them now, and do many other romantic reactions, like a surprise engagement over a dinner. You can create nightclubs and resturants, and visit them. You can go out with groups of friends. Also, you can turn your Sim into a Vampire, so it can only leave the house at dark. University: Theres a new age group for your sims, Young Adult. Now, once they get out of high school, as long as they have good grades, they can be sent of too one of three colleges, unless you decide to create one of your own. You can join sororitys, or fraternitys, learn new skills, study for exams, go to classes, and there are new job oppurtunites that come with it, for example, artist, or a career in acting. You get too choose your major, and can change it up until your senior year. It's quite interesting, and helps with getting a job. If your pressed for money, and live in a dorm, you can work in the kitchen. Cast Away: I've never played this one, so I'm not too sure what it's about, but, it does look very interesting! I believe that for PC, it's entitled "Bon Voyage" though. One I would recommend is the Seasons expansion, it lets you go through Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall, and in certain seasons you can grow crops, go on vacations, ect. Or if you like to have new items and clothing, try one of the "Stuff" packs (Glamour Life. Family Fun, Happy Holidays, H&M Fashion, Celebration, Teen Style [not released until Nov. 6th] ).
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erm...i never played pet but i did played university..well,if you have university sim2...your sims can go to university when they turn to teenagers and once they finish graduate...well,my sims went in a car i think...T.Ti was so excited but....T.Tanyway..university has a guitar,drums,piano and many more and they can even have pillow fight and they can run naked...they have their own room...when the first time you go to university,you got to take the best room cause other sims might have taken it already ^^mines like that but ...T.Ti dont know castaway or nightlife but i do know sims 2 christmas expansion pack....they can wear mrs and mr santa claus suit..they can make ginger bread man cookies...well..maybe..i ever played it but i think some are true...try too^^you can email me at [email protected] just wanna feel like not alone^^

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