How do i contest a parking ticket if my name is misspelled?

How do i contest a parking ticket if my name is misspelled? Topic: How to write a police ticket
July 16, 2019 / By Easter
Question: I have a parking ticket that I don't want to pay. I figure i can get out of it since they misspelled my name. how do i go about contesting the parking ticket?
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Chalice Chalice | 8 days ago
A parking ticket is an offense, not against the individual, but against the vehicle registration. Don't pay the fine, don't get your registration renewed. Only way to get out of a parking ticket is to offer solid proof that your car was not where they claimed it to be, and most often even that doesn't help. For years, the Detroit city police maintained a list of license plate numbers that parked downtown, and periodically they'd write parking tickets against those license plates. Even with documentation proving the car was on the other side of the state on that day, the court still ordered the fine to be paid. The Detroit News and the Free Press both covered it for years, but Detroit was immune to such concepts as embarrassment. And the State of Michigan doesn't get involved unless there's some political reward for doing so.
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Chalice Originally Answered: Do I Have To Pay For This Parking Ticket?
As usual, or so I've noticed, Kleighsmommy answers are incorrect. Is it worth fighting? That depends on the fine and your time. The idea of a parking spot being "long standing" without notice, won't hold. I could get that dismissed in three minutes. The real question is how noticeable that sign is. How your ticket compares against local ordinances and so forth. If the city has a no parking on city streets between 3am and 6 am, citywide, then sign or not you won't stand much ground. If your ticket, however, is resting solely on the fact that you parked in a prohibitive zone where a sign was to be the indicator - you'd have a good chance. If you decide to go to court with it, take pictures of the location - where the sign was - of the measurement of distance, and so forth. Also look up the rules regarding 'no parking' signs in your city. In Minneapolis, for instance, handicapped signs are required at a specific height. A painting isn't enough. Too low, too high and they don't count. Same with no parking signs in St. Cloud. There were limits as to how far one sign cold "inform", many were gapped too far apart. Plead not guilty. Do your research while you wait for your hearing. Worst case scenario, you pay the full ticket.
Chalice Originally Answered: Do I Have To Pay For This Parking Ticket?
Parking restrictions require notification before they can be enforced. That is normally done by way of a sign. However, if this has been a long standing practice, and you are aware of it, I doubt they will dismiss it because there is a sign missing.

Annora Annora
take it to whom ever handles them and tell them it is not you and if you do not own the auto named on the ticket you are ok. the license plate number is the main identification
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York York
dont pay it and wait for a court date,,then tell the judge they misspelled your name...he will tell you,,,since they got your tag number,registration number,VIN number and Drivers license number correct that your misspelled name means nothing...
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York Originally Answered: How can I fight this parking ticket?
If you were cited during one of the times that you were legally permitted to be parked there, then you can bring that up in court, and the ticket will be dismissed. EDIT: You don't have a case. You were parked there outside that exception hours. You could legally park between 8 and 11, and you parked there at 11:45. The fact that the sign didn't list that exemption is meaningless to your case, because the sign did not mislead you at all. If the sign had led you to believe that it was legal to park at that time when it actually was not, you'd have a case. But instead, the sign said that it wasn't legal to park, and that was correct. The only thing that challenging this will accomplish is to thoroughly annoy the judge and completely negate any chance of a reduced penalty/fine you might have.

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