Can you please offer some constructive advice?

Can you please offer some constructive advice? Topic: Modern writing services
July 22, 2019 / By Eartha
Question: Hi there, folks. I am seeking new work (as I am sure many of us are). I have had my B.A. for about a year, obtained from UCI with my major in English. This year my employment has been strictly contract jobs, writing and working with an overseas company in their marketing and advertising department. I am just now starting to dabble in some online writing of my own. You can find me on examiner.com these days, its a fun endeavor. I wanted to see if anyone can point me in the direction of new work related to writing? I am considering trying to get myself set up with a position at UCI, however I'd like to use my writing skills to move forward. I have some learning to do with simple tools such as excel. However my grasp of English is quite solid and I think somewhere out there somebody could use my services. I am also fluent in Farsi and possess beginner's German speaking skills. I need to make decent income, though. In other words, if I were to take on a salary, it'd have to be somewhere around $62,000 a year. Where shall I look and what skills might you recommend I pick up? I even would love to hear random suggestions! I won't turn away from the idea of a physician assistant if you can suggest how I go about getting there, although I would love to stick with writing. I am also great at finding answers and performing internet research. Thanks guys!
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Celosia Celosia | 7 days ago
Hi Laleh, Two thoughts. One, $62k is pretty ambitious -- especially for a writer. But not impossible! Two, knowing how to write for the web is pretty valuable these days. If you can write so that people understand you, internal search engines properly prioritize your content AND external search engines rank it highly, you're in control of your future! If you are on top of your writing skills, brush up on SEO and modern PR. Good luck!
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Celosia Originally Answered: Can anyone offer some advice?
Why not consider picking up dog droppings as a part of your own business? You can earn upwards of $20 an hour, and all you need are a few tools a bicycle, and perhaps a bicycle trailer. This article talks about it and how a woman in Colorado quit her management job to do it. http://squidoo.com/TeenJobsInABadEconomy ♂♀
Celosia Originally Answered: Can anyone offer some advice?
Don't do that. Any guy can track you down. I know someone that that happened to her cousin. Have faith. It takes a while I get a job. Don't give up. Try online applications or ask friends I they know anyone hiring.
Celosia Originally Answered: Can anyone offer some advice?
Just stick with it, and on the job applications after a week or so, call them and just say "Hey, My names ________, I turned in a application like a week ago I was just wondering if you had recieved it." Or something like that. It shows employers your interested.

Annona Annona
For this question I am going to do the primary 18 intent I certain ain't going to do all 15 pages. lol Let's begin with the primary three. #l will have to be nearer, aha, is solely what you probably did with #three. #two is simply too murky. #four - is quality however take a look at it utilising a large perspective lens and get nearer. #five- no area #6- OK however might be bigger if the opposite man used to be watching your approach of if there have been ore humans round. #7 & eight-The Corner, each are well and you'll mess around with the colour within the B&W photo. #nine &10-too messy- no transparent area subject. #eleven- Side, well #12- Silver Needs to e nearer/telephoto lens of simply the statue. #thirteen Shine, a further one you'll play with by way of making the sunshine distinct colours. #14- too messy #15- Bone, near-up at the bone #sixteen- No Door, take a look at taking at distinct occasions of the day. It is simply too darkish so the solar demands to be in the back of you. #17- Standing Out, t might stand out extra if the solar used to be within the proper location as photo right here has shadows within the mistaken areas. #18- Lovebirds, that is pleasant however you must take a host rapidly and notice that's the first-class. There probably extra of it the following web page however I'll retailer this and seem at a few extra the next day.
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Annona Originally Answered: Buying a house and making an offer.advice?
Good luck in finding your first home! Without knowing the specifics of the property, its kind of hard to judge if knocking $34,000 off the asking price would be acceptable. If I were in the position of the seller, I might be insulted. 3 months in a down market isn't that long to have a property listed. One way to find out if you are in the ballpark with your offer is to go to the local taxing municipality (township, city, county, etc...) and see last year's tax bill for the property. Sometimes this information is available online at the municipality's website. The tax bill will tell you the assessed value and the fair market value. The assessed value is what the municipality bases their tax rate on, the fair market value is what the municipality thinks the owner could get for the property if they sell it. The fair market value is usually based on recent sales of comparable properties. Recent remodeling or other improvements wouldn't be reflected in these values. Another way to save money is with a home inspection. It is common to write a condition into your offer that the offer is contingent on the property passing an inspection. Have the inspector list all found defects with an estimate for repairs, and then reduce the offer by the amount for repairs. This could save you a lot of money if you and your husband are handy and can do the repairs yourself.
Annona Originally Answered: Buying a house and making an offer.advice?
It does not subject what the vendor has in it, or what he is TRYING to promote it for - WHAT'S IT WORTH? It's undoubtedly no longer valued at $420k or $345k, given that it hasn't offered. It sounds just like the vendor's looking to hit a "dwelling run" with this funding. If it is valued at $300k constant up, and also you present $250k, and placed $50k into it, then how is that a great deal? You might simply purchase a different estate that is already constant up if you happen to desired to place $300k whole into it. Me in my opinion, I'd get a REAL GOOD notion what the dwelling is valued at in well form, (an impartial third occasion, no longer the truly property agent) ...then take DOUBLE the maintenance off that cost (to depart you a few room for mistakes). If that quantity occurs to come back in at $180k, then that is what I'd present. I do not care what the vendor has into it. Don't pay for the vendor's errors. That might make you a "stimulated purchaser". If he/she at the start overpaid for the estate, then do not bail them out via making a ludicrous present.

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