Which sign has a long memory, and which has a short one?

Which sign has a long memory, and which has a short one? Topic: Getting words mixed up when writing about a book
July 16, 2019 / By Earline
Question: This has nothing to do with bearing grudges, mind you, it just is . . . I will start with me : As a Capricorn I have a very short memory and tend to forget incidents that are quite recent ( as recent as an hour ago ) but remember long ( supposedly forgotten ) ones. Would you like to share your opinions in this regard? Please mention your sign and how good/bad are you at remembering things. If you are not into astrology, please ignore this post IMMDEDIATELY . On the other hand, you probably have a short memory anyway, since you have been repeatedy scolded to no avail, so you may as well share your sign. lol
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Celia Celia | 5 days ago
I'm a capricorn & have a photographic memory. I can remember clear back to incidents where I was 2 yrs. old. I can read a text book, be asked a question & can mentally pull up the page it's on & read it. Only the last couple of years (I'm over 50) have I taken to writing a list of things to do. But the funny thing is if I write them down I won't forget them. Hubby is a Pisces & has to constantly have his memory jogged about anything including what he did an hour before. But when it comes to bearing a grudge trust me it's eternal, EVEN when he's forgotten why. My son is a Sagittarius who doesn't remember anything bad or good unless it's dramatic or involves something he's really into. Yet he knows all the words to practically every song he's ever heard from the 60s on, though he wasn't born until '88. My daughter is a Taurus & only remembers bad things said or done to her while believing she's never hurt anyone. My dad was a Leo. Though he only had a 7th grade education he could give you exact dates, times & details about anytime in his life & the world in his lifetime. My mom was a Virgo. She always got her memories mixed up. I don't think she had one memory in her life that didn't get mixed up with another. Some of them were riots. I'm not into astrology, nor do I have a short memory. I just figure if you can ask a silly question to me why can't I give you what sounds like to you a silly answer. If you really believe this stuff why not post the astrological reason why we're both Capricorns yet have such different memories. Before you say it, NO, I wasn't born on the cusp. Just because I don't believe in it doesn't mean I don't know about it. There's alot of things I don't believe that I read & study because it's kinda hard to have an intelligent debate if you don't know the opposing view. Anyway have a good day no matter what your horoscope says.
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Celia Originally Answered: What can I do to improve my memory? (particularly short-term memory)?
Hi, As a registered znurse who has wokred with Dementia and Neurological memory loss for many years, the first advice I have is have it checked out by a neurologist. No insurance, find a medicaid medical clinic through social services in your area. I have seen lots of memory loss from young ages to old and the first screening is ALWAYS medical. You could, for instance, have a congenital abnormality from a blood disorder to a physical change in your heart that is causing low oxygen levels that is causing memory loss. No, low oxygen levels would not neccessarily mean you also have breathing problems, they are different, I am referring to anemia. The most important thing to remember is that MEMORY LOSS IS NOT ALWAYS PROGRESSIVE OR LONG TERM, so many causes can be treated. BUT YOU have to find the cause and that begins with a medical check-up. ,One other caution, if is is not just your anxiety talking and it is as bad as you percieve it to be, try not to wait any longer, a manageable problem can become less manageable if neglected too long. Take care of yourself, there are probably others in this world who want you to be around and to remember their names. A caring Mom, Mary

Annitta Annitta
I'm not quite sure which sign has the best memory, but I have to say that I've got a great memory, long and short term. I can even remember things from when I was 3-4 years old (almost 20 years ago). I have a photogenic memory, I can remember events and details of what happened during a certain time when my other friends or family couldn't. I think I have a good memory, that's why I write a lot. I think that if it's important to me, I'll remember it...that's why I remember A LOT of things. I know that our memory can't really hold everything, so I write it down so when I read it later I can remember it. I have a good memory when it comes to dreams too, I can remember the little details, surroundings, events, feelings, etc. Also when I see or hear something that has to do with a certain memory that I "forgot" at the moment I automatically remember what it was...kinda like a flashback you could say. So i think I have a great memory. I'm a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp ( Scorpittarius is what I call it LOL =) ) with a lot of Sagittarius influences that's why I consider myself more of a Sagittarius. I like astrology but I still don't know much about it, but from what I've read about it, I haven't seen anything about a certain sign having the best memory (just my opinion.) I'd like to see what other people have to say about this...so I'll check back later! =))
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Yancy Yancy
I am Cap and I have an extremely good memory. I remember the smallest things for years. My man is a Libra and his memory is shot to hell. I also know a fellow Cap with a horrible memory so I think this actually depends on the person and not the sign.
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Shelley Shelley
well to give love to the Aquarius's I think we have the longest memories! I certainly do, but maybe it's the person and the sign working together. But I'm not sure my dad is the a cancer and he has a long memory to! LOL guess I didn't really help all that much on your question! :-)
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Shelley Originally Answered: Short Term Memory Exercises?
Crossword Puzzles are EXCELLENT. Any kind of puzzle, actually. Even the "Jumble" in the daily paper. Also, believe it or not, DANCING is considered to be wonderful for seniors and their memory. I would assume with a partner. That way you would have to concentrate more than just dancing by yourself and doing anything!! You sound like a wonderful son. Bless you and your father. :)

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