Fresh Steak frozen for 2 days goes brown when thaw out, is still good?

Fresh Steak frozen for 2 days goes brown when thaw out, is still good? Topic: Contacts case smells
July 16, 2019 / By Earleen
Question: I bought some fresh steaks on Monday and I froze it the same day when I got home (the meat was in the white box from the supermarket). I put the steak in the fridge yesterday evening to thaw it out. When I opened the box this morning the meat was still red outside but some pieces were brownish/grey in the parts where steaks where in contact. Is the meet fine? The use by date is 3 August 2013. The smell seam fine but a bit different from the very fresh meat at the butcher, it smell like raw meet, I touched it and it feels ok it is just the color, a steak is all read, the other two that were in contact are brown/gray only on that part. CB - I imagine that I have to cook it to well done for the meat to be safe... How can you usually tell if the beef is bad? Nikki P - I bought the meet at the supermarket Monday at 7 and froze it when I got home 15 mins after. To thaw it out I just moved it from the freezer to the fridge. I moved it to the fridge yesterday after 6 pm and it was in the fridge till this morning when I opened the package.
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Celeste Celeste | 3 days ago
It is fine. There can be a color change when the meat is exposed to air. There is no real good way, unless you have a laboratory at your disposal to determine if a food is "bad". common sense, good storage and good handling practices can cut down on problems. As well as buying form a reputable source not someone driving around the neighborhood in a truck selling meat door to door. In most cases there is less of a chance of a cut like a steak to be contaminated than ground beef, pork or other meat product. I would not hesitate to cook and serve the meat you have. You got it from a good source, got it home and promptly froze it. Thawing, you did not say, but I am guessing was done properly. Enjoy your steak. Cook them the way you want they should be fine done rare, medium or in between. (although health department guidelines would say that they should probably be cooked more than rare they should be just fine, I eat rare steaks when ever I have one.) It's fine. Try this next time you are at the store. Buy some ground beef. When you get it home when you open the package and break it apart you will see some of the meat is more red, some a darker almost brown. It is just the reaction to exposure to air. If you had said the spots were white/gray and looked dried I would think along the lines of freezer burn but it does not sound like that is what you are describing. And your thawing practices are perfect. I do not think you have to cook it to well done. and if it is a halfway decent steak I would not cook it to anywhere past medium.
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Annita Annita
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Sheldon Sheldon
It's fine - sometimes the meat is flushed with carbon monoxide when wrapped to keep oxygen off and keep it pink longer - air naturally changed the color but does not harm as long as it has been refrigerated. My uncle was a grocery butcher and he alway brought home the brown (cheaper day old) meats for his family -he said they tasted better as the were aged longer....
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Nogah Nogah
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