What's your opinion about the shooting at the school in US?

What's your opinion about the shooting at the school in US? Topic: What is a conclusion sentence for kids
July 20, 2019 / By Dymphna
Question: well , i'm working on a speech for my school and i thought this would be the best topic I want my lecture to be about 10 minutes and first i want to talk about the shooting at the school which caused 26 dead people then about guns ... should they be banned ... why US government can't ban it and about ur opinions about that tragedy itself and about the guns being banned why should it be banned ... why shouldn't it ... i want an article link and also ur personal ideas about it thanks hehe sorry guyz i have accidently put this in military content andi don't know how to change it and i have heard that just teachers should have guns at school ... but it's all wrong if a teacher lost his control then it would be a disaster itself say opinions about this one too and if guns were banned in the US , as some of US government's income comes from gun mafia (as far as i know) , US government will lose one of the most important income sources , which is a problem itself !
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Cedar Cedar | 1 day ago
"i have accidently put this in military content" Don't worry about it, oopses happen and I'm not so anal I care. "What's your opinion about the shooting at the school in US?" I have lots of thoughts on this, and the USA is doing it wrong. First, I'm amazed the biggest concern that comes from threatre shootings, the shootings where that women polititian got shot in the head, the shootings at Columbine to Sandy Elementary... is always "don't take my guns". I'm at a loss as to why that is always the most important thing. Second, it literally blows me away that Texas teachers having concealed weapons in classrooms, of having armed guards at schools and the word 'solution' can even be used in the same sentence. It is were my country, and things got as bad as we needed armed guards to protect our own kids - from our own citizens... I couldn't even imagine a bigger red flag that society is wacked. Third, I think the USA is making too much of gun control. True, I don't get why anyone in a city needs an assault rifle that holds a 100 round magazine... but even if you had semi-auto pistols with 10 round mags you can change in mere seconds and armed guards at schools that's not going to stop some loonie from schooling up a school bus during the drive to or from the school. Fourth, I don't get the reasons why the US people need guns so badly. Sure they say it's to protect ourselves, but the whole point missed is the need is because of other people with guns. They'll say it's to protect our country [as if any military wouldn't just laugh off an armed civilian as they call in an air or artillery strike], or so our government doesn't mess with us [that's hardly a compliament to the very people the US citizens elect as their leaders, if they suck that badly and are that much of a threat why do you elect them as your leaders]. I just don't get the need to have an AK-47 as a household accessory. The conclusion is the USA has a huge gun culture problem they refuse to face... and in a month we'll just be having this same discussion about someone elses dead children. To each their own though :) I'm Canadian, I don't have the right to tell people in other countries how to lead their life. But they are my friends, my allies, and my neighbors and I don't like seeing them hurt - ever. I do hope the best for them; they're good people who deserve better.
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Cedar Originally Answered: COLUMBINE SHOOTING: How would a school shooting end?
Most spree/school shooters don't plan on coming out alive. They kill everyone they set out to kill, and then either shoot it out with the police and die or end their own lives rather than get arrested.

Annie Annie
Well banning guns it's a problem in it self. Some people strongly hold there rights as Americans, and if a ban on guns is imposed, some people will feel their rights as Americans were stripped away. Also, criminals don't obey the laws, so no law will stop them from selling or buying guns illegally. Which brings me to my next point, a ban on guns can be an opportunity for big time criminals and cartels to sell guns and gain big profits. Pros in a ban on guns is that police officers will have to crack down on guns which can create a demand for police officers, which means jobs for people looking for a police officer job. If guns were outlawed, less people would get a hold of guns which would lessen the shootings like the one in Sandy Hook and Aurora, CO. The pros are strong, but so are the cons. Like President Obama said last night, stricter background checks on guns sales is probably one route they can take to have a tighter control in guns, but not too much control that people will be they're being stripped away of their rights.
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Xzavier Xzavier
Gun administration isn't the respond. look at Israel, commencing interior the previous due 40's they tried each style of administration measures, restrictive gun rules, hoards of police and armed protection, and so on. all to regulate terrorists. yet none of it worked, the undesirable adult adult males consistently discovered strategies around each impediment placed of their way. Then interior the 1970’s Israel tried a sparkling tactic, regulation abiding electorate have been allowed to hold pistols on them and the violence dropped sharply. The assaults didn’t go away completely, yet they did drop plenty. Even on the instant while the potential of violence is estimated, the government reminds all electorate to hold their weapons to assist administration the terrorists. interior the USA each occasion (aside from a pair) by using fact the 1950’s any mass attack that is composed of three or extra deaths have happened in gun loose zones. the reason that’s occurred is by using fact the suicidal attackers be conscious of that for the time of the different place; they'd come upon an armed citizen that would desire to end their rampage with a properly placed bullet. Why is it during the western enlargement (Wild West to a pair) have been the gun correct deaths so small proportion smart to inhabitants in comparison to on the instant? maximum adult males for the time of that element the two had a firearm on them or interior arm’s attain, so why have been the dying expenditures so low? It’s by using fact an armed society is a well mannered society.
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Shelah Shelah
To sum it up - call me heartless, but it's nothing new. People expect me to weep over 26 dead children & adults, we kill that many every week outside of our country. Guns shouldn't be banned. Nothing can stop people from being destructive. Look at the man who killed with fertilizer & diesel fuel in Oklahoma City. Are we going to ban fertilizer, too? Might as well ban forks & spoons. the problem isn't the guns, it's the people. The news only puts bad things on the news for scare tactics and for money. They're giving killers fame, giving them attention. People see all the attention they get, and think they can top that. We're destructive by nature, everyone can fall down to that level. Besides, Congress & Obama aren't banning guns, or "assault weapons." They're only making AR's and the like more difficult for people to get their hands on... ...for now.
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Noble Noble
I do not think guns should be banned. My reasons being that people are going to kill people no matter what. In china, where it is extremely difficult to obtain firearms, there are all kinds of school killings not to mention the fact that you can manufacture deadly explosives with little more than household items. My point being that he worlds is a pretty messed up and when motivated humans can accomplish just about any thing.
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If eye witnesses and cops deemed that your actions saved lives, as in the case of a school shooting it would, you'd be given a medal by the mayor probably. No prosecution

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