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What does it mean to:? Topic: How to write an diary entry
June 17, 2019 / By Fraser
Question: Create a scrapbook with visual and written mementos of experiences throughout the book. I don't understand the directions. Does it mean you have to summarize events? or say how the character felt? or talk in a 3rd person?
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Declan Declan | 9 days ago
Throw together images and quotes/summaries (kinda of like a small diary entry) in a scrapbook fashion that will explain the important experiences your character went through in the book. I would say 1st person, you are the character, and summarize the events and emotions but not in a paper style, got to do it creativly. Hope this helped.
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Bart Bart
You have to write about Your experiences and illustrate the book with photos or drawings,collages etc....
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