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July 17, 2019 / By Dulcie
Question: okay iv been in california for the past month for my foot because thats where they had the best surgery i guess. While i was there i was reading the last song and decided just to make that my book for summer reading, i go back to school TOMORROW, and my book report isnt done! the book is the last song....you know the one with the movie with miley cyrus in it the book report is... well its really simple actually Write a eulogy or obituary for the main character. Includes at least 6 characteristics or defining moments in the character’s life. PLEASE just try to help me out a little bit! THANK YOU SOO MUCH
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Cecilia Cecilia | 9 days ago
Its not in order, but I'll just give you as many as I can. 1) Finding out that her dad has stomach cancer and has only few months to live. She feels guilty about how she has treated him all this time since visiting him. Even so, how her father treated her like a real daughter and wish respect like boarding up the piano for her on the first day. After finding out, she starts doing everything she can for him like staying even after summer ended and Jonah is sent back for school. She stays with him until his death to take care of him and finishes the song had started writing, but couldn't finish it due to his pain. (She finds out about the cancer around the end.) 2) Her brother finding the Loggerhead Sea Turtle nest and her father showing it because she starts protecting it at all costs. Like sleeping out by the next at night. This allowed her to get to know more about Will and deepens their relationship. Starts bonding over that. 3) When Ronnie gets framed and the only person who believes her is Steve, her father. This allowed Ronnie to soften towards him where she starts to open up more towards him and talks to him more. She also starts opening up to music more, too little by little. Not only to him, but to other people like Will and Blaze. 4) Finding out that it wasn't her father that was the cause of the divorce, but her mom. Her mom had an affair which caused them to divorce. All those years, she believed and her mom made her believe that it was her dad who walked out on them which was why she was cold and distant towards him first. But in the end, it proved wrong when she found out. Now she's guilty and she's doing everything she can for him to make up that lost time. 5) When the stain glass window is finally installed in the church. Her dad was waiting this for a long time. The stain glass window was made by her dad, Jonas (her brother) with some of the help of Will when the dad was in the hospital. So it was a huge deal to see it installed because that was one of his final wish-to see it installed before he dies. 6) When she finds out that it was Blakelees (Will's family) who funded the construction because rebuilding the church and installing the stained glass window means a lot to her. Like I said earlier, it was one of her father's last wish. But due to complications, the constructions was stopped and this caused her and her father to give up. 7) When she finds out and sees Will that he transferred out of Vanderbuilt to Columbia which is also in New York. (She's attending Julliard.) She realizes that there really is true love and anything is possible in love. 8) The death of her dad. Her dad was the cause of many things her life-passion to music and such. Because of him, she learns to love, starts to open up to things around her more. But when he dies, (how do you say it. hopefully you can get what I'm saying) she starts to take a sudden turn in her life, changing her life.
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Cecilia Originally Answered: Plz read this song ಠ_ಠ.?
Amazing! You really have a future in song-writing! Considering you're only 12 too. The only criticism I can add is that to be more acceptable as a song, it should follow the verse chorus verse etc. like a typical pop song, otherwise it may get too long and trudging. Otherwise, great effort!
Cecilia Originally Answered: Plz read this song ಠ_ಠ.?
check out brainstorming methods - begin with a phrase that's the significant subject and department phrases and emotions out from that they will cause different phrases and so on and you'll be able to see a sample forming and flowing ALSO check out writing a line of lyrics/poetry on the most sensible of a apiece of paper - no less than three papers with three differnt traces if you're doing this one on your own - now fold over the web page so that you cannot see it and write one other beneath it and fold that over and prefer up the opposite pages and repeat - it is fairly intriguing what comes out - REMEMBER it does not have got to rhyme or whatever like that - write your song (no less than a refrain) after which prefer approximately four traces to your refrain and department it out from there. Hope it will support
Cecilia Originally Answered: Plz read this song ಠ_ಠ.?
The song isn't that bad for a 12 year old but your only 12 and you will be able to trust people again. Trust me sweetie things have to get worse before they get better :) Hope I helped (:

Anngela Anngela
Well, she goes through the death of her father, a hard breakup with Will, her finding out that her mother actually had an affair, and her whole arrest and stealing ordeal. I guess those would all be defining moments. As for characteristics, I'd say Ronnie is a very angry, and hides her emotions throughout. She is extremely well at the piano as well. She opened her heart for Will and learned to forgive him and her father, so she can be viewed as forgiving.
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