Topic for statistics project in math?

Topic for statistics project in math? Topic: Sports data research
July 16, 2019 / By Dulcibella
Question: For my project I need to research two sets of data that I can compare and find the measures of central tendency/measures of dispersion of each data set. Then I need to draw graphs and stuff... Right now I just need a topic! I want to do something with age so the numbers wont get too high and I think it will be interesting. Any ideas?? Thanks!
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Cecelia Cecelia | 8 days ago
I had a friend who had to do a statistics project, and she did it on all female olympians (in one sport, say, 400m sprint) and then the male olympians in the same sport. So she did the sprint, and went back to the Olympics records to get the times that they all ran. It was very interesting and you can see that men are generally stronger than women in sports. She even went back and did previous years as well, so you could see both the men and women improving in their sports, but in general men were always stronger. It's interesting and not that hard if you can find the website that has all these records (I'm guessing that the Olympics website would have this data). Hope that helps!
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Cecelia Originally Answered: Need a topic for senior math project?
while i grow to be in 10th i did a undertaking on possibility. U can do a undertaking on Tally marks or the different that consists of a Statistical diagnosis on countless issues like, pick a paragraph and observe down that what number a's are there then what number b's etc and how many situations a observe is repeated. Or do a maths undertaking on widespread Mathematicians and their contributions. Use of geometry in each and daily existence. purely circulate with the aid of UR college e book. look WAT CHAPTERS U HAVE. THEN pick A financial ruin making use of WHOSE fundamentals A undertaking could be finished. ASK instructors OR SENIOR scholars the terrific subjects.

Cecelia Originally Answered: Statistics project help for school?
We can't help much when you haven't told us what you need. "My statistics project" is hardly an assignment description. To really get help at this point, I'm afriad the best thing to do is to crawl humbly to your teacher, explain the situation, and ask for ideas and pointers. That said, who says you can't do a survey project? The problem is to do something that is quick to survey. For instance, get permission to leave your final class a few minutes early. Sit at the exit form your school's driveway. Count how many cars turn right and left -- and how many people in each direction bother to use their turn signals. This gives you two measures: the proportion of people bothering to follow that one, basic traffic law, and whether people turning one way are more likely to use their signals. I'll give you a hypothesis, if you need to run this as an experiment; people turning left will be more likely to signal (I'll leave the "why" speculations up to you). Gather your data, then ask your teach for help in interpreting the results accurately. Does this help?
Cecelia Originally Answered: Statistics project help for school?
good im english and did Statistics as good as maths (in most sensible most sensible set for maths) besides im no longer definite what a last is I bet simply an examination however besides we did coursework as good as an examination so i suppose your venture might be like what i did for coursework well-nigh we did a questionnaire of the entire tuition, peak weight, gender, age , 12 months(tuition) and many others after which analysised it all doing, speculation, fundamental knowledge, usual deviation, spearmans rank, distrubution graphs and many others it could get you well marks however it used to be like a hundred and twenty pages lengthy coz you write approximately the whole lot that you simply do and do an assessment and say why you probably did it what did it exhibit and many others It maybe a identical factor however it took the p**s with like 2500 scholars within the entire tuition fortunately we did the questionnaire all in combination besides well good fortune wish you uncover an proposal :)

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