Does anybody know of the sponsorships on the 28 and 38 cars for the upcoming season?

Does anybody know of the sponsorships on the 28 and 38 cars for the upcoming season? Topic: Case s-line
July 16, 2019 / By Drusilla
Question: I haven't heard any word on the 28 or 38s sponsor situations. As you may know last year both of the teams had some troubles gaining sponsorship, even some cases where a plain white car was driving around the track. Does anybody know if the 28 and/or 38 have sponsor's lined up for the upcoming season?
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Best Answers: Does anybody know of the sponsorships on the 28 and 38 cars for the upcoming season?

Ceara Ceara | 6 days ago
The #38 isn't going to be racing. Its owners points were transferred to Paul Menard's team (#98) since it has full sponsorship. The #28 will be racing the first 5 races and if no sponsors are found will be shut down. Its owners points were given to the #96 team of Bobby Labonte. I really don't see why Yates is having all these sponsorship issues. They've got Roush's marketing personnel working for them as well as their own people and yet can't get a sponsor. I find it amazing that drivers that are new, upstart teams, can get sponsorship, but the established teams that are GUARANTEED into the Daytona 500 can't get squat. Even though I'm not a huge fan of either Kvapil or Gilliland, I think they're getting the raw end of a deal that they had no control over.
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Annemarie Annemarie
The 38 has been shut down due to sponsorship woes. As for the 28, it doesn't have a sponsor either, but Yates is going to let Travis driver the car for the first 5 races and hope sponsors come on board. If they can't get sponsorship, they will also shut down.
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Wynn Wynn
The #28 as of now looks to be running a limited schedule due to lack of sponsorship. The #38 looks to be a dead team now as David Gilliland was essentially released from Yates. The alliance between Hall of Fame & Yates as well Paul Menard coming with his Menard's sponsorship have allowed the #28 & #38 owner's points from 2008 to be transfered over to the #96 & #98.
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Shaye Shaye
Nothing as of yet for the #28.......the #38 has been shut down and most likely will not return this year. The #28 will run as long as they can afford to....Travis Kvapil says that hopefully they can find alot of one race deals like they did last year to keep the #28 afloat. From what I hear they will definitely run until Charlotte...will shut down after that unless sponsorship can be found. Just an opinion as always.
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Nimbus Nimbus
According to Jayski 38 isn't running this year unless a sponsor comes 28 hasn't announced a sponsor; will run 1st 5 races to try to get in the top 35 of owners points-if they don't get in the top 35 they probably won't run for the rest of the season.
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