Was my daughter raped? Please help a worried mom?

Was my daughter raped? Please help a worried mom? Topic: Great ways to start a conclusion
July 16, 2019 / By Drew
Question: She's 14 years old and is acting strange. Do these seem like signs for a rape victim? *Cries and won't say why. *Rebellious behaviour at school (truancy, anger rages, secretive) *She normally wouldn't mind walking around in shorts and bikini bra and things but now she's more covered up. * Eating allot less and periods of starving herself. * Doesn't want to be left alone with males (expesically my fiancee) at home. (He's not abusing her) * Often suicidal. * Less self worth and distance, she locks herself in her room. * Refuses to talk about sex, when i'm sure she didn't mind talking about it. * Jumpy when i hug her. Has something bad happened to my daughter She don't seem herself? Any other idea's or ways to get her to talk would be great.
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Caylin Caylin | 5 days ago
There is no way of determining with just the information provided. You need to have her examined by a physician. As the previous answer suggested - select a female gyn. It could be that it was an act of fondling or she could have been penetrated. Irregardless, either is traumatic to a young girl. Rather than speak of the incident, which could make her feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, as her to write about what happened. She is too old for using dolls to demonstrate the incident unless she has regressed and has started acting childlike. Some of the behavior can be attributed to having difficulty growing up. None are conclusive. If you truly suspect that she has been raped, she most definitely needs a medical exam and tests need to be done to rule out pregnancy and diseases. Don't jump to conclusions unnecessarily...wait until you have the determination from the doctor.
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Caylin Originally Answered: My four year old daughter sometimes writes her name completely backwards. Should I be worried?
My son used to do the same when he was also four years old. He's not left handed and he's not dislexic either. Now he's six and he has learned how to write his name the correct way. I guess his brain just had to mature a little bit. Everyone makes mistakes... Specially when learning a new task, such as writing. Keep an eye to see if she makes improvements but for now I wouldn't worry too much. I have kept a few of his "mispelled" attempts as part of his baby memory book. I think it's precious!! Give her some time and good luck!

Anne-Marie Anne-Marie
i'm sorry i hate to be the barer of bad news but it seems like she may have something wrong maybe not raped touched or something else don't say it wasn't your fiancee most of the time its someone they know and the parent trust you should try talking with her and a counselor at school i really truly hope that i am WRONG about this good luck to you and you daughter
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Wymund Wymund
I think something may have happened based on a few of those but alot of them are normal teen girl issues. Try to get her to talk to someone her age that will also come tell you if something happened. Thats what I would do.
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Shay Shay
take her to a psychiatric doctor now...be sure it's a female do not rule out your fiance because my mother's boyfriend touched me in places he had no business placing his fingers when I was 6 and I was too scared to tell my mother, she still doesn't know and I'm 22 now..thankfully they broke up within the next year but please do not chance this and good for you for noticing...most parents don't..mine never did nor did my friend's after she was raped and she was raped twice..she too was scared to say anything which is very common
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Shay Originally Answered: 17 year old daughter showing signs of Paranoia. Should I be worried?
It does sound a bit rash that she got a knife out after seeing a guy outside of your home and you don't sound like you're helping. I'm not sure if she inherited your paranoia or not, I can't tell for sure from what you described but it does sound like you are not setting a good example for her. Why are you preparing for the end of the world? Why don't you try living in peace and not worry about the world ending? If you continue your life like that your daughter very well may inherit your paranoia or maybe even worse.

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