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How to start a blog? Topic: How to write about me page on blog
July 22, 2019 / By Dreda
Question: I want to start a blog where I might do it like a journal about my daily life and occasionally post things about topics that come into my head and see what others think. I've never written a blog before so I was curious on what would be the best way to start one and I want to be able to update myself.
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Cayley Cayley | 4 days ago
If the least possible expense is important to you, get a freebie from one of the Big Three: Blogger (owned by Google), WordPress, or Tumblr (owned by Yahoo!). You'll get a fair amount of space -- WordPress, for instance, offers something like 3 GB, and my own independent site with over 20,000 pages doesn't exceed 3 GB -- and your choice of several design templates. Pick a design and start writing. Updating is easy: write a new post, and it moves the older ones down the page.
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Annemae Annemae
Hi Abby You wanna Start a Blog if you start a Blog on Blogger Platform So Here is a Full Guide to Make a Professional Looking Blog on Blogger Platform >> http://tenxblogger.blogspot.com/2014/02/start-a-blog-on-blogger-platform-step-by-step-tutorial.html
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Wymond Wymond
I suggest You Blogger,it is 100% free you can add custom domain, and there are so many awesome templates for free http://www.freetemplates24.com/ And you can monetize your traffic !!!
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