How can i make a real website for a small business?

How can i make a real website for a small business? Topic: Business plan for hosting website
July 16, 2019 / By Dotty
Question: my grandfather owns a small insurgence agency and they would like me to make them a website so how would i get started please help...
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Best Answers: How can i make a real website for a small business?

Catriona Catriona | 3 days ago
I recommend the cheapest Godaddy Economy plan http://www.hosttell.com/godaddy It's $4.08/month (if payed for a year $48.96/year) + a domain name (like www.something.com) is $1.99 + $0.20 = $2.19 So for a $51.15 you get a real website hosted for a year, with one of the best companies.
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Annelisa Annelisa
If you want a "real" website (as in a www.domain.com address, ad-free, you control content) page, you have a few options: 1 - Go through an "All In One" provider, such as GoDaddy.com, to register, host, and provide site-building tools. (approx $20/month total) 2 - Hire a web designer, but make sure you make it clear you just want a simple (or "brochure") website. Prices vary greatly, but estimate around $500, plus at least $10/month for hosting. 3- Design the page yourself. There are a ton of tools for doing this, even MS Word! Stick to a free template - plenty can be fround thru Google. A template will have all the graphics and HTML done, you just open it up in whatever format the template is for and insert your content. Most standard HTML templates can be edited in MS Word. Once your happy with the page, you will need to get it hosted. There are a ton of web hosts - for a simple page like this, I'd go with a no-frills service. This will cost you $5-10/month. Once you have a host account, you just upload your web page to it with the FTP address they give you (you just type "ftp.whatever.com" into Windows explorer, drag and drop)
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Wyatt Wyatt
You can create a free professional website with Microsoft Office Live Small Business - http://starturl.com/officelive . It comes with a free online design tool that lets you create web pages without coding. Currently, MS is offering a free domain name (i.e. yourinsurance.com) for the first year.
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Shaw Shaw
~~Honestly my favorite one is Yahoo's web site builder. It's super easy and very reasonable and you may buy your domain name through them also.~~
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Niel Niel
godaddy.com my i did my brother in law's business on this it's fun and easy. It's not expensive either.
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