Mental retardation? Do I have?

Mental retardation? Do I have? Topic: Doing nothing is something thesis writing
July 16, 2019 / By Dot
Question: My brain is literally ****** up, that's the problem. Ever since being the happy and caring child that my parents told me I was, I have shown to have different kind of development disabilities. I had trouble learning how to speak properly, a tough time learning how to tie my shoelaces, begin to write and as a child, I even refused to eat food whenever my mother tried to feed me. What is this, really? Nowadays whenever I wake up, I feel like an idiot. Realizing that I am not able to achieve anything in life, being the socially awkward and peculiar kind that I have always been, I see every day as a monotone one. I wake up in the mornings, go downstairs to eat my breakfast and then continue the day by going to my compact, isolated room where I would stay for the rest of the day. I really don't have anything else to do in the days, besides maybe go and gym 5 times a week to fill up my days and do something useful for once. Other than that, I could say that my life basically is shallow. Own opinions In my opinion, I would probably never have the degree of this mental retardation-like problem if my parents took a little bit responsibility. This is because when I ask them if I am stupid and why, they tell me that I am not and that "everything is fine and nothing is wrong". How irrational isn't that? They clearly deny this! I know that they are lying and it is obvious, that's why I turn to a doctor to confirm my thesis. Please find out what my problem is and if there are any ways to fix it. I would be very glad to know. Thank you for your cooperation Armin M
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Cathy Cathy | 1 day ago
Hi, I`m 13 now but ever since I was little I couldn`t tie my shoes, be normal, I wetted the bed and I am completely horrible with my hands. Teachers reccomended I go to the doctor`s and I was diagnosed with aspergers, although it is autism people with it on average have an average intelligence. In fact the doctor an IQ test and I am gifted, so it`s not that we are retarted, we just can`t do the simple, concrete things (I.e. shoelaces) Einstein had aspergers, when he was a kid up to 16, he couldnt remember where his own house was and needed directions everyday, so don`t feel dumb
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Cathy Originally Answered: Does mental retardation a sufficient reason to decide against death sentence?
For the record, I am against the death penalty regardless of whether the suspect is mentally retarded or not. But I do partially understand where you are coming from. But I would remind you that killing Johnny Paul Penry will not bring that 22 year old woman back. I don't want to sound mean, but she does not need her rights anymore. We can do no more for her but pray for her. We can only deal with the living. I know this isn't really the best answer, but I do believe it is the reason why mentally retarded people are allowed to avoid the death penalty. If mentally retarded person is incapable of telling right from wrong, or is incapable of realizing the permanence of death at the time he kills her, then how can he really be expected to avoid killing her? It isn't exactly the best way to phrase that question. My point is, if you are angry at someone, you are fully capable of killing that person. But you choose not to do so. Why? Because you know what kind of trouble you can get into for doing so and you also know how permanent death is; and you know that the person does not deserve the permanence of death for a slight wrong. But does a mentally retarded person know the trouble he can get into? Does he know his victim will never come back? How can he reason things out when he doesn't know all the consequences because he is literally incapable of doing so? Does he even know what he did would actually lead to her death? He may have been incapable of even putting together that that event could occur. So how can we inflict the ultimate punishment on someone who may not have known what he was doing at all? The Supreme Court ascertained the law as including this rule. Yes, there are many mentally slow people who can still handle understanding the consequences of their actions (Forrest Gump level for example). But we aren't sure if Johnny Paul Henry was one who could handle understanding those consequences. And then there's the problem of law covering everybody. If one mentally retarded person is not smart enough to handle the consequences and another is, how do write the law in such a way so as to punish the one who does understand while still making an allowance for the one who doesn't? It is difficult, if not outright impossible. To make sure that the one who doesn't understand is protected, they extend the protection to the one who does understand. I don't know if it is right or not. You have provided reasons for why it might not be, but I think I've provided reasons for why it might be right. In the end, neither of us is really competent to decide this. In truth, while someone has to do it no one is really competent. Judges decide it because someone has to, and they are the ones who interpret the law. Only God can decide, really. And God will give justice tempered with mercy to everyone, criminal and victim. We should wait for Him to decide. And that is why I am against the death penalty. If you are right, God will punish them whether we do or not. If you are wrong, you may be the one punished for inflicting punishment on the one who does not deserve it because he was incapable of understanding consequences.

Annamay Annamay
You cannot be mentally retarded I doubt you would be born that way and even though u had trouble with normal tasks such as shoe laces etc... There is nothing wrong with that u were probably just a slow learner thongs like that can be overcame... All u need is to take things one step at a time... Don't bite off more than u can chew... Set tasks u know are achievable and plan out a whole week so u feel as though your days aren't so monochrome (same) the more busy u are the easier life will be... if you are keeping yourself busy u will not feel as isolated as you won't have time. Your developing difficulties can be overcome like I said make targets and take things one step at a time and gradually things will get easier my friend. There is always someone less fortunate than yourself. Believe me things will get easier. If you feel your parents don't think there is anything wrong then book an appointment with your GP they will reassure you. Hang I'm there remember keep yourself busy and you will not have time to feel isolated in a room.
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Woody Woody
I am a Special Education instructor and approximately eighty% of my magnificence has ADHD and the relaxation have Mental Retardation, partial deafness, Autism or a visible impairment. My son is Bi-polar and has ADHD. He is virtually 16 so I have obvious al lot. Just the truth that you're mindful that you simply would want habits healing is a well factor. Behavior and organization healing could be a satisfactory approach to begin. It will supply you the equipment to appreciate the triggers of your habits and easy methods to manage the ones circumstances. I have had many annoying years as a instructor and a mom, however I have additionally obvious pupils make extraordinary benefit of their habits. As for my virtually 16 12 months historical son, there are occasions that I truthfully put out of your mind that he's Bipolar, however then anything will set him off. He is way larger than he was once and he knows that treatment and healing will regularly be a facet of his existence. Best of success to you!
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Shaul Shaul
Perhaps Asperbers, it's a very mild form of autism and sometimes hard to detect. You are not retarded. You may be a little socially slow but that just means you have a greater ability to thrive in other areas of your life. Your parents are right. There is nothing wrong with you and you are normal. You are not stupid or an idiot. You have the potential to be anything you want to be. You just have to believe this yourself for it to ever become reality. You need to conquer your low self esteem and love yourself and accept yourself for who you are. Then things will look up for you. Try it, see where this takes you.
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Nicky Nicky
It appears as though you may be suffering from a possible case of social anxeity,ennui and just plain ol' being 'stuck in a rut'. I can beyond relate to your feelings(been there done that). Rest assured you are not "retarded", judging by your level of introspection, that seems impossible.Think about it. You seem well versed and that is not a symptom of mental retardation.(IQ lower than 68 is mild retardation).that aint you. As for being socially akward (it sucks) but the more you do it the better you get.Its true. I like consider myself to be smarter than the average bear though proper application of it eludes me. Retarded? Nah, just stuck in a rut.
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Nicky Originally Answered: Flat midface linked to form of retardation?
The human form is AMAZINGLY variable naturally. Some folks genetically have faces with flatter proportions than average, and indeed this can and is considered attractive by many!! In addition to the "normal" varieties of faces, which include ones like yours and those male models you speak of, there are over a hundred known causes of "flat face" - the kind of flat face not associated with beauty, and caused by undesirable things such as different conditions such as Down's Syndrome, which are associated with retardation. Here is a list of 109 conditions known to cause "flat face": http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/symptoms/f... .... none of which you probably have, so please stop worrying and get on with the process of actually living :)

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