Girls and ladys i need your help.?

Girls and ladys i need your help.? Topic: How to write a romantic poem for her
July 16, 2019 / By Dorthy
Question: ok so theres this girl on my bus she is older then me. 1st how do i know she likes me or think i am cute every time i say bye and hi she smilies and when i talk to her she like sucks her lips in and listens and looks at me with a serious listing face, i gave her a teddy bear for V-DAY and she said awwwww your so sweet and no i wrote a poem and plan to give it to her she is a JR and i am a freshmen, but i dont care what does age have to do with anything its all about personality it not like she is 5 years older maybe 1-2.. so no she is not 5 years older, maybe 1-2 years older then me and sorry bro's i don't need help from ya also what do you ladys see in a guy like in the inside and out, and what do you look for in on thanks for your time Romantic polo
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Cathleen Cathleen | 9 days ago
wow the sucking her lips in and looks at you to listen with a serious listing face kinda tells me that she might like you. your a really sweet guy for giving her that teddy bear. girls like that in guys, being very nice and generous. also if you look very nice then girls will love you more.
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Cathleen Originally Answered: A little advice please ladys.?
The letter is heartfelt & honest... Needs a thorough spell-check tho.. Hope it works for you All The Best..!!

Annamae Annamae
well, first off i'd approach this carefully...i've never had a thing for younger guys, but that's all that my friends will date, so each girl is different... but has her behavior towards you changed since you gave her the teddy bear? if she's more willing to talk to you then i think she might be interested...but if she treats you exactly the same as before i don't think she sees you as someone other than a friend. the most important things that i look for in a guy are a sense of humor and the ability to hold an intelliegent conversation...and if he's cute, well, that just sweetens the deal!
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Wolfe Wolfe
I look for honesty and sincerity. And also a man who can communicate with me no matter what is going on in his life or mine. I hate the drama that comes with relationships sometimes. It can get to ya after a while. I love a man who is romantic in several different aspects. From getting a rose to the bedroom. But not one who is clingy or doesn't give you room to breath and be yourself. One who can accept you for all your good and your bad attitudes. We all have em. but most of all, A man who is loyal and doesn't like to hurt you with their words. Words can hurt worse then a blow to the face. Sincerity, Loyalty, Honesty and devotion and a romance.,
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Shannon Shannon
Every girl likes different things. If you think that she likes you than you should ask her out or something like that. To find out you are going to have to make some kind of move. Just talk to her and all that stuff.
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Nick Nick
im not saying she doesn't like you, just don't get your hopes up. its common for older guys to like 1-2 years younger girls. but not that common for older girls to like 1-2 years younger boys.
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Kodey Kodey
here's some tips to see if she likes you Experts on human mating state that women may display the following signals when they are interested in you: 1. She blushes in your presence. 2. She plays with her hair in your presence. 3. She walks past you more than once. She is trying to get your attention. 4. She keeps looking at you. She can not take her eyes of you. 5. She shows some flesh in your presence, like pulling on her collar or lifting up her dress. 6. She moves closer to you. 7. Her chest is facing you. 8. She smiles at you with a full set of teeth; not just the upper row. 9. She stays near you for most of the night. 10. Her head tilts slightly down when you look at her; especially if she is blushing at the same time. 11. Her shoulders are slightly raised when she is talking with you. 12. Her arms are open and to the side when you talk to her. 13. Her pupils are enlarged when you make eye contact with her. 14. She licks her lips in your presence. 15. Her head is tilted slightly to the side when you talk to her. 16. She breaks apart from her group of friends to talk to you. 17. You are with a group of people and she talks to you more often than anyone in the group. 18. She asks you questions about yourself. 19. She laughs at all of your jokes. 20. She says that you are cute. (Obvious) 21. She tells you something personal about herself. 22. She compliments one of your clothing items. 23. She asks for a cigarette or for a light. 24. She asks for the time. 25. She makes verbal contact with you before you make verbal contact with her. 26. She mentions that she is recently out of a relationship. 27. She says something overtly sexual to you; even if it is in a joking manner. 28. Her attitude is more playful with you than with other members of the group. 29. She touches you in any way. 30. She gives you any kind of compliment. Experts on human mating state that women may display the following signals when they are not interested in you: 1. She has her arms crossed in your presence. 2. She turns her back to you. 3. She turns her shoulder to you; i.e. giving you the cold shoulder. 4. She appears stiff in your presence. 5. Her legs are tightly crossed in your presence. 6. She does not make eye contact with you. 7. She pretends that she does not notice you. 8. She talks to friends instead of you. 9. She does not display any emotion when you make your approach. 10. She clings to her friend when you approach her. 11. She pretends she is lost in the music when you make your approach. 12. She does not smile back at you. 13. Her head tilt is perfectly strait. 14. She does not raise her shoulders at all when you make your approach.
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Ignatius Ignatius
Just go with how you feel. take a leap of faith and go with it. Don't show her what you think that she needs to see. Show her the real you. Treat her right and always try to be honest with her. I look for in every guy loyalty, honesty , and commitment. I also look at how he treats me( and i don't mean showering me with gifts.) I mean respect, how he listens to me, eye contact. etc.
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Estmund Estmund
girls look for different things in guys... for example i actually like younger guys, i like guys that are sweet and romantic. Maybe talk to her more and more... eventually get her yahoo addy or myspace if u have one.. then talk to her more and more on those then eventually get her number... then talk to her MORE AND MORE... then hang out sometime... then guess what.... u talk to her more and more... then eventually she or you can ask each other out
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Estmund Originally Answered: Ok! i rele need help with this, and should i tell the ladys husband?! and plz tell me how the poem's are to
I think they are lovely poems! I'm also a poet and I think you should enter these into some contests! Sorry for your loss. good luck.

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