How does your education helped you to become a better christian?

How does your education helped you to become a better christian? Topic: Used bible essays
July 16, 2019 / By Dorris
Question: Can someone please help me answer this essay question its due tomorrow i really don't understand i just need someone to help me a little
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Best Answers: How does your education helped you to become a better christian?

Catherine Catherine | 8 days ago
You mean Bible class or education in general? If its the later, I became a better Christian through education because I understand the more divine order of the universe. Despite being taught class by atheist professors, I use the information given to me to determine that the universe is beautifully shaped and that without God, we would not exist. For example, the smallest tweak in the atom would mean that we would not exist, there would be total disorder and no life whatsoever. Given the properties of water, it should not be doing what it is, sustaining life in us. It is the only nonpolar molecule of its kind. But with God's power, water behaves the way it does. I believe those two of out two being left to chance is a "no way." I used science as the main reason, but you could use other classes/ reasons by relating your own experience. The Bible itself is loaded with tons of things you should do to make yourself happy and live your life to the fullest. Hope this helped. :)
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Catherine Originally Answered: Christians, how has being Christian helped you handle fear?
Developing a belief in Christ through faith-building experiences of obedience, helps me to face and sometimes even embrace reality. This has shown to be a liberating experience. The personal fear reaction of denial is lowering noticeably. Delusions are weaker now. In these times of global domination and ruination by the very few at the pinnacle of the power structure, a solid foundation is required to retain even a shred of sanity and stability. Best of all, as I heard one man put it, such times of pressure and need have the potential to bring believers together through critical necessity. Therefore turning monumental curses into blessings for the brethren. This can only take place through trust in Theos. An exclusive experience via an exclusive Savior.

Annalee Annalee
The more I learned, the more I learned I had been lied to about religion. The more I read the Bible, the more I realized what a horrible, racist, bigoted, violent book of hatred it really was. The more education you have, the less likely you are to hold on to superstitious beliefs, like religion. So go get an education and become enlightened.
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Wolf Wolf
I would say my education improved my reading and comprehension skills so that I could better understand the theories in the bible. Or I would say My education has showed me how I can apply the bible to education practices.
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Shannen Shannen
haha, wow, private school. well literary skills help you comprehend the bible. sorry I'm buddhist, all I can think of.
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