Basic logic help.was my teacher wrong?

Basic logic help.was my teacher wrong? Topic: Definition of a research statement
July 16, 2019 / By Dorine
Question: The statement was "If an argument is cogent, then it is also valid" I said false, but the answer is true and I'm wondering why? Cogent makes it's a true strong INDUCTIVE argument and inductive arguments are inferred, but to be valid, it MUST logically follow with certainty. What am I missing? Could she be wrong when she marked the test?
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Cateline Cateline | 5 days ago
The first answer would have been mine, but I kept looking because I like to research--and I found something surprising: Cogency • Some invalid arguments are better than others (from a logical point of view). Some are cogent, while others are not. • In fact, cogency comes in degrees. Here is an example: 1. Boris is a student at State U. 2. Almost all students at State U. voted. --------------------------------------... 3. Boris voted. • This argument is invalid, because it is possible for its conclusion to be false, even given the truth of its premises. • But, this argument is cogent, since its conclusion is probable, given the truth of all of its premises. That leads to our definition. Cogency • D3.2a: An argument is cogent if it is not valid, but its conclusion is probable, given the truth of its premises. • As a result of this definition, cogency comes in degrees. The more probable the conclusion is (given the truth of all the premises!), the stronger the cogency of the argument is. Form: 1. n% of As are Bs. 2. x is an A. ------------------------ 3. x is a B. • If n > 50, then the argument is cogent (if n =100, the argument is valid). If n ≤ 50, the argument is not (even) cogent. see #38 and #39 http://fitelson.org/101/notes_11-2x2.pdf Wow! In everyday language 'cogent' means 'sounds very likely'. That is what this link says, but gives the probability 'greater' or 'lesser' cogency. So if it is 100% cogent, it is also valid, and may be sound, but not necessarily so. 'Certainty' (as in 100%) has nothing to do with it.
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Annabella Annabella
"A cogent argument is a strong argument in which all the premises are actually true in our world." Ultimately, you must refer to how your course and your professor defined a cogent argument, especially since your own description lacks clarity.
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