What if hbk and H were still around when the invasion happend? just answer i wanna see your opinion?

What if hbk and H were still around when the invasion happend? just answer i wanna see your opinion? Topic: Worst case scenario series
July 16, 2019 / By Dorinda
Question: what do u think wouldve happen i triple h and shawn michaels were still around during the invasion, i think hhh would have been in the allaince and be co leaders with stone cold cuz they did have dat 2man power trip thin going dat year and hhh was still married to stephanie mcmahon dat time,hhh would have had great feuds with the rock and the undertaker,it would have been a great feud if hhh was the stalker instead of ddp,taker would have involved stephanie in the feud (lol i dont think vince would have cared).dat wouldbe a great story line. as for shawn michals i honestly think he also would have been in the alliance as well just cus hhh,him stone cold hhh would have been a great trio(maybe say a 3man power trip)i think shawn would have played kurt angles role in the whole thing(keeping angle with team wwf)he would have personal feuds with stone cold,the all of a sudden turn on team wwf and vince,he probably would have had feud with vince or kurt angle and a really good rilvary with the rock : ) leading to survivor series i think the match would have been this team alliance:hhh,stonecold,rvd,hbk,booker t vs team wwf:kurt angle,y2j,kane,undertaker,the rock winner team wwf,hbk screws the alliance after dat a feud with hhh,and austin leading to a triple threat match for the wwf title thats what i think would have happen what do think would have happen???
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Cate Cate | 4 days ago
No, I don't think they would have been on the alliance side of it. HHH and Austin just had there two man power trip deal going but coincidental dropped the belts during the match that HHH torn his quad and was out. So, if the quad thing wouldn't have happened, they could have gone back and forth playing the blame game since remember it's a two man power trip. Say Austin still went the alliance rout, this could have immediately started a very heated HHH vs. Ausitn angle for the belt, opposed to the Austin vs. Kurt Angle program they went with. If you'll recall HHH and Austin at No Way Out had a fantastic 2 out of 3 falls gimmick match right before wrestlemania 17. You could throw in Stephanie as the ECW owner and the marital conflict it would have created between the HHH and her. Basically everything that went down between the two of them after he came back from his injury. Shawn Michael's was never in WCW, so he wouldn't have had any history with them. Realistically he was still not ready to make his comback at the time anyway. But, if you could use him in a onscreen capacity, maybe in the William Regal commissioner position with or without the turn that Regal did. As far as HHH being the mystery man after Taker's wife, no, they just had their match together at wrestlemania and the little span that the power trip thing was happening. Besides, they needed a way to introduce DDP and the whole point (or so I along with a great many others) of the Invasion was to have angles that you would have thought would never be possible or in the worst case scenario, fresh matches to take an interest in. Another name that would have helped, but not saved this failure would have been Chris Benoit. But like HHH, the timing couldn't have been any worse. Even if the above suggestions happened, it still would have required the big dollar main guys from WCW to really get this thing off the ground and obtain the success that this (in theory) foolproff WWF vs. WCW dream angle should have had. It had the potential to be the event happen that we all thought would never happen.
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Annabell Annabell
i think hbk wouldve went with the alliance because he joined NWO Triple H woulve took kanes place in the survivor seiries match for the wwf side
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