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July 22, 2019 / By Doriane
Question: ok so I'm a manager at a store, I have one assit. manager and one CSR (customer service rep). My CSR doesn't like that fact that she does more work then my assit. and gets paid less. So she talked to me about it and I told her that I would talk to my assit. to split up some of the CSR's duties. I found out this week that my CSR, went ahead and spoke to my boss about the situations. I'm started to think these girls have some kinda of personal issue with each other. Well to make things short I basically have to fire my assit now....we have been worked together for almost a year, not only does she knows the in's and out's of work. we have become best friends. our families hang out all the time......any suggestions on how i can let her go without ruining the friendship....cause I really dont want to lose her as a friend??? please anyone else been in a similiar situation that can put their two sense in??? oh the reason I feel guilty is cause she has a dead-beat boyfriend who doesn't work and they have a 3 year old, money is really short for them alll the time.
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Cassie Cassie | 3 days ago
This is one of the most grievous hazards of forming ANY type of close relationship with a co-worker. You COULD tell a little white lie and say that your supervisor has handed down the order for termination. It would eliminate the problem of it being all you; you're just the bearer of bad news at that point. Stress that it has nothing to do with YOUR feelings...you like her and her work; its just a matter of cost-cutting or whatever (since the other one DOES earn less). Offer to write her a stellar letter of recommendation, and maybe see if you can hook her up with some contacts of yours. It would be something at least.
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Cassie Originally Answered: I was fired for making a tiny mistake and was fired the next day, do I have a good UI Appeal case?
This would not appear to rise to the standard of termination for cause. Termination for cause would include theft, repeated tardiness, repeated unexcused absences, theft, dishonesty, fighting or threats, etc. A single minor error will not disqualify you for unemployment benefits. You should win your appeal easily.

Annabelinda Annabelinda
Just tell her the truth....that the CSR came to you and you agreed to try to resolve the situation...that you were not aware the CSR went to your boss and you were then not given the opportunity to resolve the issue. Tell her further more that you have valued her as an assistant manager and a friend and that this was taken out of your hands and hope that this does not damage your friendship with her. If she is a true friend, she will understand!
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Winfrid Winfrid
I've had experience with this exact thing. Hopefully you two have kept your personal friendship separate from your professional friendship. If not you'll probably loose your friend. But any way explain to her that her getting axed doesn't reflect how you feel about her personally. Its your job and you have to do it. She wasn't doing her job up to par now she has to be let go. Explain to her the exact reasons why she is being let go. Don't try and blame someone else by saying "I'm being forced to do this" or "it wasn't up to me". Be upfront and honest and tell her what went wrong. Let her know that you'll continue to be friends but your professional relationship is ending. If she is mature she will understand. Just a bit of advice in the future don't become friends with your employees. You're there to supervise and make sure everything is running smoothly. Its a job not a popularity contest.
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Shallum Shallum
Unless your friend is super understanding she will hold a grudge. Put yourself in her shoes so you can better understand what she will be going through. If she is a true friend she will understand that it is not in your control to fire her. Let her know it was your boss who told you to let her go. Why don't you give her the heads up before you fire her so that she can quit on her own. It isn't good to get fired from a job because you can't use that company as work experience. Good luck.
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Neville Neville
Its not your decision to fire her why feel guilty about it? Tell her that your boss told you to let her go. If she is a real friend she will know it wasn't your decision. Just do what you need do and tell her you will give her a good recommendation when applies for her next job.
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Neville Originally Answered: What to do after you have been fired?
Tell the truth and let your new employer decide for themselves. It can be difficult to get a job for anyone. You have skills and experience. Stay in contact with family, friends, school mates, church and let them know you are looking for employment and give them your number. Go to Work force development both for unemployment and to find another job. I also like your attitude that your boss did nothing wrong in expecting more from you and had the option of letting you go. Don't take this one job as a death sentence. Just make you new job getting another job.

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