ACT Question. I bombed the science part?

ACT Question. I bombed the science part? Topic: Act essay writing score
May 26, 2019 / By Doreen
Question: Ok so basically I took the ACT last saturday. I pretty much nailed the reading, grammar, and math portions. Then I got to the infamous science portion and had no ******* clue as to what was going on. I completely guessed on about 10 questions and narrowed it to about 2 answers for about 10-15 other questions. I dont understand how you are supposed to look at 10 different charts, read the paragraph long question, and then try to figure out what is going on, all under a minute per question. How much of an impact will this have on my overall score? My essay was kind of iffy but if I do really good on all other sections except science and writing could I get a 29 +? I got a 1920 on the SAT. Thanks
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Cassiah Cassiah | 1 day ago
I took it last saturday too, and I did struggle on the science portion. This was my first time taking the ACT, and I've definitely learned my lesson to NOT read the whole experiment part because it just slows me down. I ended up not having enough time to do the last experiment and a half, and had to randomly fill in bubbles. I got a 2040 on the SAT, and I really didn't expect to run out of time on the ACT. Oh well. But to answer your question, if you nailed hte reading grammar, and math portions, the science score will probably bring it down a few points, but not a lot. It actually depends on how well you really did. Since the score is an average, let's say you get a 33 on all sections except science, and you get like a 25 on science. Then your composite will be a 31. What if you get a 32 on each section and a 25 on science? Your score will be a 30.25 (which will round down to a 30). Ok what if you totally bombed the science, but got 33's on everything else. You got a 20 in science, 33 in everything else. You will get a 29.75 (which will be rounded to a 30). So basically, as long as you did an excellent job in everything but the science, I wouldn't be too worried. And you can always prep for the next one! I'm taking it again in the spring :)
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Anna Anna
I got literally the same score as you on the SAT, and I did the same thing on the test... I calculated it using my own formula and found that my score will range between a 28 and 30. Here's how... - Number of questions in section / 36 (b/c each score is between 1-36) - Then multiply that number by the number of questions you feel you guessed on. - This should bring you down to about a 31 to 33 per section in light of your sat score. (keep in mind this is where your margin for error comes in) - From there take 90% (or less) of that number depending on your confidence on each section. This will give you your subscores. - From this you average all 4 scores and plus or minus 1-2 eigther way. This will give you a fairly accurate depiction of your what your score will be.
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