Is WWE Monday Night Raw really Live?

Is WWE Monday Night Raw really Live? Topic: First case start time definition
July 22, 2019 / By Dorcia
Question: Recently, I've had an argument with a few people on an internet forum. About the notion that RAW is live. However the definition of live programming states: (of a broadcast) transmitted at the time of occurrence, not from a recording. or as or at an actual event or performance. Which leads me to believe that live means that's it's happening right this minute and the wrestlers are pretty much acting it out as it comes on TV. That couldn't be possible however during the different time zones though. It might be in some cases but not all the time. One of the people I discussed with about RAW being live told me this "RAW comes on at, 8 Eastern, 7 Central, 6 Mountain, and 5 Pacific, simultaneously." That isn't true though, at least when it comes to Mountain. My timezone is MST, so when it's 6 o'clock RAW still isn't on, and by the time it is on it's at 9:00 PM MST. That same internet forum I was on usually discusses what happens on Monday Night RAW as it's on TV however the topic started discussing at 6 o'clock RAW is 3 hours so if it started at 6 it'd be over at 9PM. And like I said my RAW happens at 9 so when they're discussing the episode it's not in my area and by the time they're done watching it, I've just started. Also on the WWE app, when the show goes to commercial is what you see on the app happening right now? or is it just video they pretty much put on the app? Is RAW actually LIVE and by LIVE I mean is it occurring as I'm watching it? and by that I mean is it just like a Stream that a person does on Twitch when they're streaming? Or is it recorded live and then broadcasted in different regions? For those that want to know, I live in Utah. I forgot to add that in.
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Cassandra Cassandra | 9 days ago
Raw is broadcast live but like most other live TV shows there is a short delay (around five seconds or so) between what happens and what appears on your TV screen for the purpose of censoring something inappropriate such as profanity or a wardrobe malfunction. When Raw is in the UK it is not live because of the time difference but shot several hours earlier.
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Anitra Anitra
Most of the time, WWE does broadcast WWE Monday Night Raw Live. However, there are a number of reasons as to why WWE Monday Night Raw gets taped: 1) WWE is preparing for an Overseas Tour and decides to tape several weeks of WWE Monday Night Raw before they leave. 2) WWE Wrestlers are wrestling outside The United States and WWE tapes WWE Monday Night Raw because of The Time Zone Differences. 3) WWETapes Several WWE Monday Night Raw Shows so that WWE Personnel can have a few days off to be with their families. WWE usually does this in December and January.
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Wilton Wilton
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avqeW RAW Live = House Show WWE RAW = Weekly TV Show that Airs Live on Monday Nights You will be seeing a House Show. Only Real Difference is it's a Smaller Arena , No Titantron , & No Pyro. The only Big Name Superstar I wouldn't Expect to see there would be Shawn Michaels. He Rarely Works House Shows. Also Jericho or Big Show. They have to do 2 TV Shows a Week already , so... Have Fun!
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Seth Seth
Not sure how it works with the Mountain and pacific time zones, and the cable companies Keeping Prime time in Prime time.... But yes WWE Raw is 'Live' in that from 8E/7C to 11E/10C (and change) ET and that very moment (within 10 seconds for censorship delays) those events are occurring in an Arena typically somewhere in North America.... this is why I can sit down at a computer and access a Stream of Raw off of the UK's Sky sports (but I wouldn't do that because that is Illegal) at the very moment a friend with Cable TV or at a bar could be watching the same thing on USA Network some foreign countries do get it on tape delay, again as much to keep primetime 'prime', but in other cases to protect Local programming and give that first claim to better time slots and even in those tape delays they are theoretically allowed to call it 'Live" as long as it airs as recorded (this is why the 'Live' logo bug is so well displayed, but also disappears as quickly when they cut to events 'recorded earlier today'
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Nethaniah Nethaniah
The answer is Raw is both 1. Live and also 2. Taped in front of a live audience. Raw is live for eastern and central time zone viewers (8e/7c). For those living on the west coast, Raw is a taped show that is broadcast at 8PM (not live at 5 PM).
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Kimbel Kimbel
It's because Utah is lame. Unthinkable things happen that could currupt the kid's minds. I think it's a bit lame, it should be on at 7. Most people here are against violence.
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