Am I unbelievably f* thick?

Am I unbelievably f* thick? Topic: Dvd case stands
July 22, 2019 / By Donella
Question: This afternoon I was at a friends house and I was looking for a charger for my phone there because it had run out of battery. There was a plug stand and with loads of plugs in it and the phone charger was tangled up in loads of other wires. Anyway, whilst I was looking at a way of untangling it, I decided to pull the plug out in case it made the untangling easier. However I pulled the plug for the dvd player out when the dvd was on. Although we were able to get the dvd to the last scene we were on, the incident just made me feel like an absolute moron.
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Caryl Caryl | 5 days ago
We all make mistakes! It's nothing to worry about... If it makes you feel better, I had a 6th form interview yesterday at this amazing school, and I couldn't do 13x14 :/
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Angie Angie
nah u made a mistake. theres nothing wrong with that. no one will remember in like 2 weeks. your fine haha ive done way worse stuff than that
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