Do I seem depressed (to you)? teen depression?

Do I seem depressed (to you)? teen depression? Topic: How to fake doing homework
July 22, 2019 / By Donaldina
Question: Lately, it seems like my friends, classmates, and teachers seem to feel uncomfortable around me. I think it is because I make things awkward and I try to be happy and fun to hang around, but when I honestly don't feel so "preppy" or really chatty, i come off as sarcastic unintentionally. Today in class, my teacher asked the class "Are any of you depressed?" and I felt like he was hinting that toward me, But even if someone was actually depressed, why would they admit it to the whole class? Anyways, I don't want to believe that I have depression or something because I think if I label myself depressed, then I start to think I have depression. I don't smile a lot at school, and when someone in class makes a funny comment, I smile or laugh, but it feels fake. and i think people can tell that its fake, since i have this big smile on, but my eyes are really corresponding to my smile. I guess its a personal issue, like at school I can't be myself because I'm scared of being judged. I mean I can't make eye contact with my teachers, I'm too scared to get out of my "comfort zone", and I space out a lot. I feel like I have a sad face on all the time, like I'm wearing a mask. Sorry that I wrote alot. and Thanks to whomever read this all. My questions are: Based on the what I've told you, does it seem like I'm depressed? Even if this is a phase or I'm just bored or sad, what can I do to feel more alive? To feel more like myself and happy?
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Cary Cary | 4 days ago
Do you seem depressed? Maybe a little. Does that mean you have a mood disorder? Absolutely not. Feeling down, sad, disinterested or even depressed for a time is a natural and normal part of life. You're feeling a lot a teenage angst right now. It is okay. How can you cope with negative emotiomms? Talk to someone, cry, go for a walk taking in what is around you, draw, paint, write or do something else like watch tv or do your homework. I get the sense that you would enjoy sentiments in the novel Catcher in the Rye.
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Cary Originally Answered: Help, im a depressed teen?
THis answer may or may not help, trust me, teenage years are very up and down, i have been there before. But think yourself lucky, You have a house to live in , you have food to eat, you have a bed to sleep in. You dont have any mental disabilities. I have suffered from depression since i was in high school, also i have an anxiety disorder and have been taking medication, and seeing professional help for years. I just recently did the same thing and asked the world what i should do. I dont know how to help you, i wish i did but i dont. One thing i have learnt though is to realize who i have in my life, they are because they love you. Just because someone has allot of friends doesn't mean they have allot of "good" friends either. Acne and things aren't a huge problem, i have friends who had bad acne and there skin is beautiful these days. These things will blow over trust me. There is only so much asking questions online can help you, at the end of the day, only you can help you. I know you asked and posted this question out of desperation as i have done this once or twice before, im not judging you. Insanity is defined by someone doing the same thing, and expecting a different outcome. Try something different. Thats what im trying to do now. Hopefully you have more luck than i. Im just repeating what people have said to me, so i hope this makes sense.
Cary Originally Answered: Help, im a depressed teen?
I could say a lot, but am going to keep this short, because you can do some things that will help you quickly , as soon as you start it. Click on my avatar and go check out the eft method of healing, there is a free version at garythink.com that you can just go learn. Follow directions and just apply it to EVERY line you have stated here. EVERY line. until it is down according to directions. Then make a list of anything else bothering you and apply it to that, even if it is , like normal, 100's or more of things. Use it every day to clear out the day of the things bothering you. eftmasters.com are the pros and they are glbt friendly . Once these things are clear from the internal source , they don't come back to bother you. If something else comes up , apply it. Now, it is understandable how being gay or even just different, brings up lots of fears , in you and in other people. that is what you must come to grips with , and that is why I gave you them way to do that , quickly. For your acne , the cheapest solution i heard from a plastic surgeon is to use white , some use dark, vinegar , apply it to your acne ONCE every 24 hours and it will resolve itself quickly. There may be some dry shampoo for your hair or talk to a hair dresser. Even though it is not your sexual preferance, it is not cool to use females or to put them down , they can offer you a lot of support and love in your life. But you want to be attractive. YOu will learn that what others think of you is not as important as what you think of yourself and how you are toward others. What makes someone beautiful is how they treat others. Your nose is probably fine and there is not many 13 yrolds that like the wa ythey look, even though looking back , they realize they are very cute . You are over reacting to what is going on inside you, you are too impatient, finding a bf for anyone who gets to know someone takes time. You are only 13. You have your whole life. So, I get that this was a 'negative rant', and that is another key you should know. How you think about yourself and others is what comes back to you. Your subconscious will create more of whatever you put into it. So think positive, and your feelings will change and your life will change. Here is a support place and people to talk to, trevorproject.org It also costs you nothing to work out and stay fit. There are gay therapists in most areas now, so ask at pflag.org Find mentors, adults that are already successful in your area of interests, and ask them to mentor you. advise and guide you. example, gillfoundation.org Now go do that, and have a happy holiday.

Angellina Angellina
You sure are, most likely. It's a common part of being a teenager, unfortunately :/ It seems like maybe you could be stressed or overwhelmed about something that you're not realizing. Maybe you are lacking some sleep also. Just give it time and do something you enjoy. It does help eventually. It takes time, of course. It makes you stronger in the end though, sweetie. Stay strong. I hope you get better before long.
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Willoughby Willoughby
You seem like you might be depressed. What can you do to feel more alive? Well music helps believe it or not. I suggest this to many because it helps me with my depression. Plug in headphones, turn up your favorite music and just relax! Meditation helps as well. If all else fails I suggest going to the doctor so they can determine if you really ARE depressed. I hope I helped!
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Willoughby Originally Answered: Help please? I'm a depressed teen?
I recommend you try evening primrose oil capsules - you probably think what help would the be but we are to some extent the victims of our hormones and evening primrose regulates and levels them out and also helps with anxiety and anger - please give them a go - they are cheap and safe

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