Reasonable Curfew for 13 Year Old?

Reasonable Curfew for 13 Year Old? Topic: Homework for 10 year olds
July 22, 2019 / By Dominica
Question: What is, in your opinion, a reasonable time for a 13 year old boy to be expected to come inside and stay in?
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Carreen Carreen | 1 day ago
I have a 13 y/o boy and during school days he can stay outside till 6 then he comes in does his homework eat dinner and get ready for bed (bed time is 10 30) on the weekends he can stay outside till 7 30
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Carreen Originally Answered: 12 year old daughter being extremely rude,what would be a reasonable punishment?
Okay, I'll try to work through each of the issues you have listed the best I can. I hope I can be of some help :) To be honest, yes, this is perfectly normal 12 year old behavior. Your daughter is at the age where she is testing her boundaries and learning more about herself and her personal limits. While this is a totally natural thing, you are still her parent and it is very important that you maintain consistent discipline so she can learn what is okay and what it not. First of all, you should've been teaching her respect from a very very young age. As soon as my son and daughter could talk and walk (11 months/10 months) I began teaching them the words "Ma'am, Sir, Excuse Me, May I, Please, Thank You, and Your Welcome" It is never too late to teach your child manners. The best way I have found to ensure that my children are polite and respectful is to go "deaf" when they don't use the proper words. If I call their name and they answer "What" or "Huh", I simply ignore them until they say "Yes mom" or "Ma'am". I obviously don't require my kids to call me only ma'am but I do expect them to respect me. 12 & 13 year olds kiss boys. I lost my virginity at 14. Kids are becoming more sexually aware at a younger age and it is vital than you sit down with your daughter and keep the lines of communication open. Teach her about STD's, STI's, the risk of pregnancy, the proper way to use contraception and the emotional ties having sex can create. This is gonna be hard, but you really need to be willing to buy her birth control and condoms if she comes to you and says she is ready to be sexually active. I know as a parent it would be hard to let your teen daughter have sex, but take it from teen mom with a mother who didn't teach me anything about sex, being open with your daughter is the BEST thing you can do for her. I got a cell phone at 9. I was only allowed to use it to call my parents. When I turned 13 I was allowed to use it for texting and calling friends. I would recommend getting her one, but make sure you have strict guidelines for how she is allowed to use it. If she breaks any rules then you have every right to take it away from her until you feel she is ready for it back. Reasonable punishments for a 12 year old would be groundings and restriction. When I was grounded it was always for two weeks. I was only allowed to go to and from school. When I was home I had to stay in my room and do nothing except homework, sleep, and come out for restroom breaks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Restrictions for me were taking away the TV, cell phone and computer for anywhere from 5-9 days depending on what I did wrong. I was still allowed to go out with friends but my curfew was 8PM instead of the usual 11PM. Best of luck with your daughter :)

Angelique Angelique
I don't think a kid 13 should be out and around without anywhere in particular to be after dark, for the most part. If there's a school event or other event, and the kid is with friends and has safe transportation back that's different. This leaves a 13 year old in the house and able to do homework, spend family time, read, watch tv, etc. on most school nights; and maybe some Friday nights when there's an event he can go to. It would leave him with afternoons and weekend days for being out, although, again, he should be in Sunday evening by dark. During Summer it gets dark later, so he can be out and around later. It all works out, doesn't it....
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William William
School days ( Monday- Thurs. And sundays) 9:00. Friday and sat. 10:00 PM. I am one to believe that a 13 year old shouldn't really be by them selves at all anyway.
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Sean Sean
I'm nearly 14, and I'm never allowed out execpt round the corner to get bread and milk up the v near shops or to c brogan, ok once every few months I go to see a film at about early afternoon with 2 friends that a very well known by my parents.
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Neely Neely
Depends on the parents...when I was growing up I had all my cousins, same age, like 20 cousins or so, and we all hung around so we were always going out with each other so MOM's didn't worry cause the Male cousins would take care of us Females, boy that was so much fun...now we are all older now and it is funny to remember the good old days...
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