I hate the violin.?

I hate the violin.? Topic: Too much homework causes bad grades
July 17, 2019 / By Dollie
Question: I have been playing the violin. Since I was 6. Im 14 now. My entire family plays it, my grandfather collects it. Stupid, huh? My cousins are grade 8, I'm a lousy loser playing like grade 4. I hate hate hate hate hate the violin so much. My mum is so obssessed with it. I suck at it. I have homework to do, piano to practice, Chinese compos to copy, project work to do....(FYI Singapore system is crazy stressful) and I dread coming home because my mum makes me practice. We've had so many fight, leaving me i tears and my mum screaming obscenities at me. My father always sides with Her, Hes got this crazy mindset in which he thinks im an emo teen just cause im a teen he blames everything on my "hormones". Which really sucks, because I'm stuck playing the same stupid fcking instrument. My mother everyday without fail asks me to practice, sometimes before saying hi to me when she gets back from work. I've actually run away once too, though it was to my grandparents house so it doesnt really count. One time I told her I wanted to quit, it lead to this big argument with her threatening to pull me out of SCHOOL and stuff. The violin sucks ****. Please, anyone can think of a solution...
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Caroline Caroline | 8 days ago
Tell them you want to play the piano. You have to give them something. Stand pat, say no to the violin and nothing else. That's it. Just don't do it. If it gets too bad go to family services or family counseling. They will figure out how to resolve the situation, especially if you have $. Of course my fear is that by standing up to them you will learn or have already learned how to be obsessive compulsive or controlling yourself. Hm. Haven't they done away with slavery in Singapore yet. I have two clarinets I'm not using. My son stood up to me and turned out better than he could have had he listened to me. lol Don't swear. Even Yahoo froowwns on it. It's not necessary if you are strong.
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Caroline Originally Answered: What is the importance of the violin to humans? How did the violin change people's lives?
The violin is probably the best known and most widely used of all orchestral instruments. Some of the greatest music in the world owes much of its beauty to the violin. Such music may be the sound of a mighty orchestra, with dozens of violins playing together. Or it may be the music produced by one great master playing alone on a violin to a mesmerized audience. Several other instruments are similar to the violin in construction and in method of playing. These include the cello and the viola. They are considered members of the "violin family". Music for the violin covers a wide range. Some composers, such as Johann Sebastian Bach, have written music for the violin alone. Many composers have written pieces for the violin with piano or orchestral accompaniment. The violin also has an important role as part of a group of instruments, as in an orchestra or in a string quartet. The violin is considered to be the most romantic of all instruments......a violin master can literally tear your heart out and reduce grown men to tears. In an orchestra, the FIRST VIOLINIST is almost as important as the conductor. The first violins date from the 1500's. The little Italian town of Cremona became an important center of violin making. Members of the Amati family made fine instruments there in the late 1500's and early 1600's. In the 1600's, Antonio Stradivari, a pupil of the Amatis, perfected the design of the violin and produced some of the finest instruments ever made. (Stradavaris) In the 1600's, 1700's and early 1800's, many of the outstanding violinists were also main composers for the violin. Among the most important were Archangelo Corelli, Antonio Vivaldi (the Four Seasons), Giuseppe Tartini, Giovanni Viotti, Pierre Rode, Rodolphe Kreutzer, and Niccolo Paganini.(Rhapsody) Hope this helps some.
Caroline Originally Answered: What is the importance of the violin to humans? How did the violin change people's lives?
I'm going to say you have to make your own decision. Which instrument's sound do you like better (when you hear professionals play)? Which one would you be more committed to? If you've wanted to play the violin since 1st grade, then perhaps that's the instrument that you're going to be more committed to. "Chopsticks" is honestly not a good goal to work towards if you want to seriously learn piano. It's a simple piece that most grade 2s can play. If you're just starting on your music-learning journey with no prior experience to reading scores or recognising notes, piano might be a better choice. It seems like those musicians with a piano background learn theory/musical concepts faster and quicker than those without. I'm guessing it's because you learn to read both treble and bass clef for piano, whereas for most other instruments (unless you're talking about harp), it's one or the other. So piano gives you an advantage in the sense that you can read all the notes in any music (piano has the biggest range). You can work on violin when you've some solid music-reading techniques. It's because on the violin you need to be careful of intonation on top of reading scores. Whereas for piano the keys are all there for you to see, and all you have to do is press the right one. If it's out of tune it isn't your fault, it's the piano tuner's. I play both. Started with piano when I was 4, then took up violin at 12. I found it a lot easier than my friends who've had no piano background, and I was able to learn a lot faster too. And piano gave me a really solid foundation in my current music studies because I could read all the notes in orchestra scores, theory books, etc. Plus it helped me to learn other instruments (besides violin) very quickly.

Angelica Angelica
Tell your mom that the violin is a common instrument, which means that it is harder to get a scholarship. Instead, tell your mom that you want to play the French horn, which is an instrument that not a lot of people play, which leads to better scholarships. Basically, the French horn is a better instrument.
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Wilfrid Wilfrid
The problem is your family not the violin. Emotional abuse- a term you need to google. You can make your own violins that are electric and have your own style. You dont have to play classical.
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Wilfrid Originally Answered: What do I need to fix up old violin?
If you know absolutely nothing about violins, you are not qualified to do anything yourself. Fixing a violin is not a do it yourself project, and you can't even so much as change a string properly if you know nothing about playing a violin. Otherwise, you are likely to break a string because you have no concept of how new strings stretch and how much tension you need when tuning. Also, you did not say anything about what is wrong with the violin. If your sister used it and cared for it properly, it probably does not need any work done on it other than basic maintenance. However, if something has happened to it or if it was not stored properly, it will need to be repaired at a violin shop. Since you know nothing about violins, it is best to take it to the shop and ask. A reputable shop is not going to tell you something is wrong with your violin when it is not. Trust is a highly valued quality in an industry that in many cases still provides rentals with no written contract or security deposit. Before you give the violin to your cousin, make sure your cousin is physically capable of playing it. Since you use the term "little" cousin, I am assuming we are not talking about an adult. If your cousin is not fully grown, the full size violin your sister used as a teenager might be too large. Your cousin needs to find a teacher first, before you worry about an instrument. Most teachers have requirements when it comes to instrument setup, so the violin your sister used might need additional work besides what the violin shop will suggest before a teacher would be willing to teach a student on it. The teacher will also be able to tell you if the violin will fit. Then, both the violin and your cousin need to go to the violin shop. You can go along, but you should not go on your cousin's behalf without your cousin present. Make sure it is actually a violin shop, not a general music store or a guitar store that does violin work on the side. The violin shop will be able to help you with instrument repair and setup and can get you a shoulder rest and any other accessories your cousin might need.

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