Why did my sister got all the pretty genes and I got all the ugIy genes?

Why did my sister got all the pretty genes and I got all the ugIy genes? Topic: Essay writing healthy living
July 20, 2019 / By Dolanna
Question: My sister has flawless fair skin, a thin and small nose, beautifully shaped eyes, and straight silky hair which is smooth and healthy. I have disgusting skin that has uneven skin tone full of pimples and scars, a flat and wide nose, slanted eyes, and wavy hair that looks messy with many split ends .... My sister is also better than me in terms of personality. She's very out going, talkative, charming, laid back, peaceful, and kind. While I'm quiet, boring, unsociable, cold, weird, and strange. So my sister is definitely better than me in terms of both physical appearance and personality. Everyone likes my sister because she's so pretty and have a great personality, while everyone hates me because I''m ugIy and have a boring personality. Why is my sister so good luck and I'm bad luck? Should ugIy people like me with no personality go die in a pit hole? UgIy people like me don't deserve to live. I need to somehow get my face ripped off, get chopped into pieces, and burn into ashes. I'm so ugIy I need to die.
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Carlotta Carlotta | 3 days ago
Well, sounds like someone has no self confidence, although I kind of get where your coming from, as not being harsh, it appears I got all the intelliegence genes and my brothers got very few of them.. Anyway, I seriously doubt you are being 100% honest with yourself. You do realise, almost EVERYONE looks in the mirror and feels unhappy about their appearance, probably even your sister. Another thing to add to your list of faults is negativity, and you might want to deduct weird and strange from them, after all I'm about as weird as they come (trust me I have a huge list of things that I obsess over that aren't normal) and that is the reason people like me and I have been told that MANY times. If you are strange, then how can you be boring? Look at the Mad Hatter for one... He's possibly one of the most famous lunatic characters ever created in the history of literature, and is most certainly not boring. Most people have uneven, spotty skin in their teens, I'm only just starting to grow out of it and I'm 16 which is incredibly lucky for me, as for some people it goes on into their 20's, it is because of hormones. You might be quiet, but some people don't enjoy the company of constantly loud people who don't ever shut up, I most certainly don't. Unsociable? Lots of people are, myself included, not everyone is born into being a perfect model socialite... I can't stand being around people for more than a few hours, as it frustrates me. Cold? Also likewise, part of my personality I do try to control, as you probably could do. Now, stop being a pessimist. Look in the mirror, and stop being stubborn, and point out ONE thing you like about your appearance today, whether your hair is behaving well, or your eye colour looks pretty, or you're never going to feel better about yourself. Do this every time you see your reflection. Invest in good spot treating products, a good moisturizer and some decent brand concealer and pressed powder. Those, are all the things you need to help improve the appearance of your skin. As for hair, I recommend putting traditional rollers in after every time you wash your hair, and leave them in until completely dry... Gorgeous curls, every single day, with only needing to spend 30 minutes or so putting them in, taking them out and applying a little hair wax/oil to smooth them out. Get rid of your split ends every 6-8 weeks by getting a trim done, and use a good shampoo and conditioner for dry and damaged hair. If you want any more ideas and help, mail me, and I seriously hope I didn't waste 10 minutes writing that essay for you to continue to feel negatively about everything due to being stubborn and not even trying out the things I suggested.
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Carlotta Originally Answered: What genes will the baby have.?
Absolutely not, they have the same 50% chances as you have because you put in the egg your genes... that's the beauty of having babies, we never know which side of mom or dad is going to show off more on the baby... sometimes they might not even look like the parents but more like grandma's sister in her youth, and weird things like that can happen (it happen in my family), which makes life so much more interesting... have fun at finding every little thing from yourself in your baby and from your husband and his family as much as yours... But scientist would love to actually be able to know things like that, so that's why they are even working and testing to see if they can select what part of the genes form each parent can they select in order to have the perfect looking kid and stuff like that... but the thing is, they can only dream, in reality is that god has too many surprises for us in life... ENjoy, and congratulations!!

Anetta Anetta
DON'T SAY THAT!! As I write this I have a sister who is currently at a fashion show- modelling. I'm on yahoo answers, who do you think the winner there is? It's so common to think that your sibling is prettier than you. Tbh I think your sister probably is prettier than you. Sorry. But seriously, she will have her insecurities too. Everybody looks in the mirror and sees something 10x worse than is actually there. Just think about that the next time you look in a mirror. And nobody is so ugly 'they should die'. You sound creative and more abstract and more unique. That means you have something more to offer the world than her. She may be totally typically pretty and seem perfect but there are so many people like that. Does this world really need another perfect person? No. So I'm not saying go kill her, as that would be illigal and morally wrong in so many ways. Just think that in the long run you are more likely to be the one spotted in a crowd, and the one to make a difference. Just try and think about that, and don't forget that I am in the exact same boat as you.
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Wilburn Wilburn
Trust me I understand, my sister is practically perfect. She is the eldest of three and I am the youngest. She got ALL the good genes and I got some of them but just dimmed down. She is beautiful, she has dead straight long brown hair, tall, slim, perfect body and a pretty face. I on the other hand seemed to get every possible abnormality from both parents. Both my parents have long toes, where the second one is longer than the other, I seemed to get both of their toes combined. My toes are so long they could be fingers, so that means I can t wear any open shoes. My mum has these bumps on her forehead, they are basically eggs. I got these but on a bigger scale, mine look like horns are about to pop out of my forehead and all my friend say I m the devil because of them ( but they don t mean to be mean). I ve also got a huge head so that basically emphasises the horns. I don t have a waist, there literally isn t a gap between my hips and rib cage because my hips come up so high. I have sort of nice cheek bones because they are quite emphasised but they really don t look good on me, I don t know why. My hair is wavy and a bit frizzy but you know those bits of hair that naturally come down the side of most girls faces? Yeah I have those except they are so frizzy, basically mini afros and they are short so i can t put them in my ponytail.My sister also can eat what ever she wants without getting fat even though I do about 10x as much sport as her, she i s still skinnier than me. She is also one of the smartest people I know. She has been DUX (The smartest in her year) twice, and she gets A s in every subject. I was looking through her test scores for year 8 (I m in year 8) and she got in the 90 s for every test where as I get 70 s or 80 s. And just to top it off she got head girl this year in year 12. She is super popular and most of her guy friends have a crush on her. She had a massive 18th and I am afraid to have a 14th since it might be embarrassing since there won t be many people there.
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Sawyer Sawyer
You don't need to die. Don't say that. Listen. Let me share something with you. My parents: Dad: Unnatractive, ruddy, overweight person who went to berkeley when he was 16 because he was so smart. Mom: Gorgeous thin blonde Now let's talk about me and my sister Sister: Rail thin (like actually rail thin. Looks like an anorexic kid but she still eats so no eating disorders she's just thin), blonde, big blue eyes. Has an effortless A+ in every class (I saw her report card) and is going into the highest math lane. 13 years old She got my moms beauty and my dads intelligence Me: brunette who isn't FAT but sure as hell isn't thin. Green eyes, harsh features. Has some decent curves but is kind of thick. (I'm a swimmer and have a swimmer's body.) Smart, but not THAT smart. If I work hard I can get an A. I have a C in my spanish 3H class. 15 years old I got my dads fat ruddyness and my mom's mediocre intelligence Now for some reason I have way more friends and way more guys like me. So... looks genuinely don't matter all that much.
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Nathan Nathan
Everybody's different, and well your an interesting person. Not much people are like you, unlike your sister. Think of yourself as original. As for the looks.... Maybe your sister takes care of herself. Try setting up a daily routine for your skin ; Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer helps keeping skin flawless. Try flat ironing your hair if you want it silky straight. But your lucky, a lot of people want wavy hair... (I DO!:) To tame the wavy hair use 'Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly' and as for the split ends trim your hair ever 2-3 weeks. Your not ugly, Your a beautiful person. You just need to up your self on the self-esteem level. Just remember, You are your own worst critic ; Not everyone will judge you on your looks, but what's within you.
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Nathan Originally Answered: How do genes and stuff work?
Let me start by saying that your genes don't "activate" as you grow older. From the moment you're born, your genes are basically imprinted into your DNA. When a man and a woman...erm...have a child, both of their genes are mixed into the child. Different genes represent different features. Let's say that your mother is A and your father is B, and that lowercase letters are genes. So, if x is a gene that make you tall and y is a gene that makes you small, it would be kind of like this: Ax and By. Since they're different genes, there's a 50% chance for each gene to be passed onto you. It's possible that your mothers genes are just more dominant in you, but I'm sure that some of your father's genes were passed on. Also, if both of your parents had a similar gene, than it is a definite that it was passed onto you. When you get around to having a child, the same occurrence between your parents will happen between you and your partner. Your shared genes will be passed onto your child, and your opposing genes will be split into him/her. Whew, science class finally paid off! I hope this helps :)

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