Can i get some advice on a tattoo idea, please?

Can i get some advice on a tattoo idea, please? Topic: Your business plan is a tool that can
July 16, 2019 / By Dodi
Question: i'm going to school for culinary/baking soon and i've always enjoyed baking goodies. i was thinking of getting a tattoo of baking utensils, tools, etc. i.e. a pink kitchenaid stand mixer, spatulas, whisks, measuring spoons is this a dumb idea? do you have a better one? i was inspired by a tattoo i saw of a girl with a cute chest tattoo of a sewing machine with spools of thread and other cute stuff. i like how hers turned out. i'm just not sure if my idea will work well too? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v346/imadork083/06362f7ac74b7515_sewing_machine_tat.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v346/imadork083/ddfdf.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v346/imadork083/cvcxv.jpg serious answers only, please. thanks! i'm not sure of the placement yet. the tattoo i was inspired by just happened to be on her chest. i am also concerned about having it visible in the work place, but i plan to eventually own my business. this tattoo could possibly wait until then. i was actually thinking on my back since it will be fairly big? i'm having a hard time deciding. i'm really torn. i want it to be hidden for employment reasons but i also want it displayed so people can see it. that's one of the exciting things about getting a tattoo, i think. showing it off.
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Carlisa Carlisa | 1 day ago
instead of getting all of the utensils, you could get a cupcake or something cute like that. like, her tattoo is really original and i don't think it would really work out with kitchen stuff.
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You need to talk to an artist that is a cover up specialist to discuss what options are best for you. Black lettering is going to be a pain to try to cover and incorporate into a new design so let an artist take a look and discuss some ideas with you. They'll always take your preferences into consideration and will help decide if your ideas are workable or not.

Andy Andy
Dont you get in poor health of men and women telling you dont do it?! I have an understanding of what its love to have made up your brain on whatever and men and women hold telling you no- its disturbing! Anyways- i did my possess tattoo approximately 5 - 6 years in the past and that i DONT remorse it and it STILL appears well and reliable. The soreness ranking is sort of a nine, primarily while you do it your self, but when you are taking a few sort of soreness reliever it is going to support plenty. After you get the tattoo, MAKE SURE YOU KEEP IT CLEAN! Homemade tattoos are wayyy extra prone to contamination so that you ought to be very cautious. Keep it blanketed with an antibiotic cream like Neosporin. It will peel, however thats natural for all tattoos. Even regardless that your getting it to your hip attempt to permit it get as so much air as viable so it will heal quicker. And once more- ensure EVERYTHING is outstanding sterile and ensure the ink getting used is reliable... Hope it seems fine!
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Wilber Wilber
Suggestion #1: Photoshop. Take a picture of yourself with, say in a bathing suit top and shorts, and have a friend (provided you don't know how to do it) Photoshop the tats in various places to see how each would look where and how to best size them. Suggestion #2: Print out the image(s) of the tat(s) that you want onto clear film (like they use to print out images for the old fashioned overhead projectors) in the size(s) that you want and hold them against your self to see how they would look. Then you can take these to the artist doing your work and know that you are both on the same pages before the work starts.
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Sandy Sandy
i think its actually a fairly nice idea, but, my only complaint would be work place, is it okay to have tattoos visible in your work environment? are you happy where you are, or are you planning to leave where you are? having a chest piece like that is usually quite visible even with most shirt styles, so it could make it difficult to get a job or keep your current one.
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Nash Nash
sounds cool. but if you are going to be a chef i would put the tattoo in a place that is hidden by most clothing. you have to be brave to get a chest tattoo.
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Nash Originally Answered: Can you help me come up with an idea for a tattoo?
I support your thought. It’s really a good idea. What you think is where to get it. Here is an article which tell your the details about each location. Pls check out: http://blog.getbetterlife.com/details-of-tattoo-locations-on-body

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