What shows would I like?

What shows would I like? Topic: Crime case solving games
July 16, 2019 / By Dixy
Question: Here are the shows I like: - House - Criminal Minds - The Mentalist - Breakout Kings - Prison Break - Supernatural - Dexter - American Horror Story - Misfits - Game of Thrones - Lie to me - Doctor Who - Awake - Sherlock Here are the shows I don't like: - Breaking Bad - Weeds - CSI (any of them) - NCIS - Being Human (UK and US) I just really need a new series to watch! I'm not in school right now, so I have nothing better to do. I also like Heroes, and dislike the Vampire Diaries.
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Carlie Carlie | 9 days ago
Im right there with you I don't like vampire diaries either xDD You might want to try Monk, Monk is similar to the Mentalist but instead of using psych he uses his mental acuity to solve crimes. You might also like Psych which is similar to The Mentalist except the guy in psych pretends to be a psychic in order to solve cases while patrick jane used to pretend to be a psych for money. The Gates is another....strangely i don't know how to explain it...its a bit short lived might not like that but if your bored its something to tune into its about a guy who loses his job in a state because his boss believed he was sleeping with his wife he similar to patrick jane in that he can read people well but nothing like the scary abilities of patrick jane. Another is Eureka I don't particularly like this at all AT ALL but alot of people that watch similar shows as me do you might its about a sheriff being recruited to be a sheriff of a town full of geniuses. The Event is another its similar to heroes I love heroes and i liked the event but didn't love the event but it was very similar with the....events xDD There's also Lost alot of people have watched it Ive only watched the first season and part of the second one but the first season was the only one i found interesting until i lost interest i have no intention of going back but you could see if you like the rest of it Have you tried Dollhouse? i like to think of dollhouse, and heroes together for some reason they have the same feel except i would say dollhouse covers more of the corporation part like the company in heroes except dollhouse gets consent but its very cool you should check it out links are in source if you wanna try any of them, or get a better understanding I suggest monk though you have to try it if you haven't already!
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Carlie Originally Answered: Crime shows?
Yes...I watch the crime net work too...i like 'Lives of Crime' , FBI Investigates ..Cold Case Files and 48 Hours...very intersting shows...

Andriana Andriana
he's in simple terms uninteresting as a results of fact he's in an uneventful tale line. the great instruct is greater powerful than the different freak shows great kahli and massive Daddy V. a minimum of he can flow surprisingly plenty now. Lol, great Daddy V could not raise those little adult males great instruct is struggling with.
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Whitney Whitney
I really recommend White Collar. That or any other USA Network show like Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains, etc. You might also like Lost or Heroes.
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Whitney Originally Answered: What TV shows do u watch?
Chuck - A computer geek gets all the government secrets stuck in his head and goes on missions with the CIA and tries to avoid being captured by Fulcrum, a group of rogue CIA agents Survivor - A group of castaways gets dumped on an island... and, well, it's more social survival than physical Survival. Scripted or not, I've been a fan since day 1. The Office - A group of average Joes in a comedy about the goings on in the sales office of a paper company Scrubs - a comedy about life as a doctor in the ICU

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